90 Day: The Single Life recap: Tell All Part 1

Syngin, Jesse, Jeniffer, Stephanie, Big Ed, and Natalie
The 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All delivered all the familiar drama and some surprises for 90 Day fans. Pic credit: TLC

Part 1 of the two part 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All gave way to explosive confrontations, shocking revelations, and spicy information with host Shaun Robinson at the helm of the drama.

There were tears, verbal digs, and TMI shares that left The Single Life viewers at the end of their seats trying to find resolve or wanting to know more.

Colt Johnson, Vanessa Guerra, and Debbie Johnson had a deep and volatile conversation

The beginning of the Tell All focused on Debbie, Colt, and Vanessa, and the conversation got heated quickly as talks about Debbie depending on Colt for too much came up.

It was revealed that Colt didn’t want to drive Debbie to San Diego because Vanessa was pregnant and they ended up suffering a miscarriage shortly after that. Colt revealed that Vanessa had moved out three weeks prior to the Tell All because she couldn’t be under the same roof as Debbie who was too much in their business.

Debbie didn’t like the way the conversation was going, called Colt a, “fake piece of s**t” and stormed off the set. While she was gone, Colt got into it with Big Ed when he tried to offer advice. Colt said that he was tired of supporting his mother.

Backstage, Debbie asserted that Colt and Vanessa didn’t have jobs and that she paid all the bills.

When Debbie got back, things got intense between her and Vanessa after Vanessa called her out for guilt-tripping Colt every time the subject of moving out came up. Debbie responded by saying, “You f****d him up.” Since it was clear nothing was getting solved, Shaun moved on from them.

Colt, Debbie, and Vanessa
Colt and Vanessa did not leave things on a good note with Debbie. Pic credit: TLC

Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods’ relationship drama was revealed during 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All

When it was Big Ed’s Tell All moment, his new fiancee Liz was brought out and Shaun said that no one they originally asked agreed to go to the Tell All and speak on their relationship.

Big Ed and Liz said that Ed’s mom Norma moved out since she and Liz couldn’t be in the same house together and Ed said his mom felt like he was choosing Liz over her. Ed also said that he proposed to Liz after only two days of talking again.

They talked about the reason for their breakup being that they had negative people in their ears steering them wrong and Ed declared that he wasn’t the one who sent the eight different breakup texts. Debbie chimed in after that saying, “You don’t love anyone except yourself. The only reason he isn’t with those women is that they turned him down.”

Stephanie said they were dissolutioned by love and they jumped back into things too quickly and even brought up the fact that Liz was trying to cancel Big Ed online.

Big Ed’s friend Rich appeared virtually and said that Ed’s daughter Tiffany was devasted by the engagement news. At that time Liz revealed that Rich was the person who wrote the breakup texts to her but Rich said Ed asked him for help writing them. Ed reiterated that he chooses Liz over everyone.

Offstage, Liz overheard Natalie talking badly about her to Stephanie and confronted her which ended in Natalie calling Liz a b***t as she walked away.

Big Ed and Liz
Big Ed and Liz had to defend themselves a lot. Pic credit: TLC

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester’s separation was talked about

Tania came to the Tell All angry and clarified that the show was not about his single life journey but more about their separation.

When she took the stage across from Syngin the scene when they parted ways was played which got almost everyone on the stage emotional.

Syngin and Tania agreed that they were headed in a toxic direction and broke up before things got too bad. Tania did make a statement about Syngin being a selfish person, however.

Stephanie Matto talked about her sexual awakening

Stephanie said that she prefers men when asked about it by Shaun and went on to say that she is no longer celibate. She met a French man online, talked to him for a few months, flew to Paris, and lost her celibacy that night.

She says they had intercourse in every kind of way imaginable and went into detail on fetish stuff that she liked. Stephanie clarified that they are not in a relationship but she won’t allow him to talk to other women anywhere including social media but that they can bring other girls into the bedroom for a threesome situation.

Stephanie also shared that she is now a millionaire after selling many farts in a jar.

An awkward moment arose for Jesse Meester and Jeniffer Tarazona

Jesse and Jeniffer
Things got heated when Jesse and Jeniffer felt threatened by questions and certain people. Pic credit: TLC

Jesse and Jeniffer said they had been together seven months and were looking into moving into a villa in Spain together but did not make any mention if Jeniffer’s daughter would go with them.

Jeniffer’s ex-lover Cacua was brought on stage virtually to clear up whether he and Jeniffer had sex but he continued to be vague while Jeniffer denied it. Everyone on the stage called Jeniffer out and agreed that they must have had sex and Jesse said he had to believe Jeniffer.

Jeniffer’s ex-boyfriend Tim was brought out with his ex-fiance Veronica from Season 4 of Before the 90 Days which greatly irritated Jeniffer. She jabbed, “You don’t deserve to be here on our show. This is about our love. There is no place for you here.” To which Tim and Veronica laughed and said she was absurd.

90 Day: The Single Life viewers were left during a cliffhanger moment in the conversation between Tim and Veronica and Jesse and Jeniffer.

90 Day: The Single Life is available to stream Fridays on Discovery+.

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