90 Day Fiance’s Syngin Colchester accused of abuse, sexual assault by woman he ‘dated’ after Tania Maduro split

Syngin Colchester
A woman made serious allegations against Syngin Colchester in a podcast interview. Pic credit: TLC

A woman who claims to be an ex of 90 Day Fiance star Syngin Colchester has detailed a string of serious allegations against him — ranging from sexual assault to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

The woman, who used the alias of Valerie, made her claims in a wide-ranging interview she did with The Fraudcast podcast.

The interview followed an anonymous and now-deleted post on Reddit, believed to be by the same woman, which accused Syngin of being a “terrible angry abusive drunk” and said he “forced himself” on her.

Valerie said in the interview that she wanted to warn other women about Syngin’s behavior based on her own experiences.

Syngin has not yet responded to the allegations against him and has not replied to Monsters & Critics’ request for comment.

Valerie details ‘relationship’ with Syngin Colchester

In the interview, Valerie said she met Syngin after messaging him on Instagram not long after coming out of another relationship.

She claimed to have not watched much 90 Day Fiance before reaching out to him and said she just wanted to shoot her shot because she thought he was cute.

Syngin reportedly got back to her right after she messaged him and the pair planned a week-long getaway at a mountain cabin on the East Coast. This happened after Syngin had moved to Arizona following his split from ex-wife Tania Maduro.

Valerie claimed that she and Syngin had talked for a month before the cabin trip and said, “He did ask of a lot of kind of inappropriate sexual questions that I sort of laughed off because, you know, he probably assumed I was going to be a one night stand and I didn’t really argue with that and I just kind of, like I said, was trying to have some fun and meet somebody new.”

She added that Syngin would ask what she liked sexually and talked about what he was into, including an “interest in BDSM type things,” which she said she hadn’t been involved in up to that point.

When it came time for their trip, Valerie said they hit it off great in person and she prefaced their time together by telling him upfront, “Like listen, I don’t know anything about you. I don’t watch the show I have just seen things here and there.”

Valerie details initial ‘scary moments’

Valerie said that Syngin showed up at their getaway with bondage equipment before a few scary moments took place.

She said, “There was one point where I was laying down, I was kind of falling asleep, it was almost one o’clock in the morning and out of nowhere, I mean with all of his strength, he smacked me on my bottom and laughed.

“I mean I was bleeding. I still have a mark. I took pictures as it healed. He took a picture of it because he was so proud of himself. It was a red flag but at the moment I was really into him.”

She also alleged that Syngin would pick up her phone and take pictures of her without asking, and sometimes would send them to himself.

Syngin Colchester
Syngin Colchester on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

Valerie claimed there were times, however, that really drew her to Syngin, for instance how he was there for her while she was going through custody issues with her ex.

Valerie went on to explain, “It was hard for me to make the connection, it was just like a dichotomy. Part of him was just like this aggressive, mean, laughing-at-pain kind of person and the other part of him was this like sympathetic and gentle, like, love kind of person.”

Valerie said she and Syngin said goodbye after their week together and he was crying when they parted. Afterward, their talking reportedly continued and she said she eventually booked a flight and went to Arizona to meet him.

She claimed that she got warnings from people about Syngin’s past, his alleged alcohol abuse, and treatment of Tania from what viewers saw on 90 Day Fiance, but said that she defended him relentlessly at the time.

Valerie alleges she was abused while visiting Syngin Colchester in Arizona

Valerie said that she spent a week in Arizona where Syngin treated her like a girlfriend, saying he enjoyed the fact that her ex must be jealous about her spending time with him. She said she felt like he was “feeding on that fact that he was disrupting everything in my life.”

Valerie claims he began drinking “constantly”, starting on day one, alleging that he would start his day by pouring himself a drink before sitting in front of the TV and smoking weed. When she would ask him about his future plans, Valerie said that Syngin would say he was waiting for more 90 Day filming to start.

She claimed things turned sour after “jealousy reared its head” when she got unprovoked messages from other men on social media since she was newly single.

Valerie alleged that at one point, while they were out, Syngin punched her cell phone out of her hand and hit an arcade game they were standing next to.

On the way home, Valerie claimed that Syngin was screaming at her saying, “You’re a stupid, dumb b***h. You put yourself in these situations,” before allegedly shoving her while she was driving his car home.

When they got home, Valerie alleges that he grabbed her hands and squeezed them and that she hid in the bathroom. She claimed that he came looking for her, apologizing and saying that he was beaten up as a kid.

Syngin Colchester
Valerie claims Syngin would come begging for forgiveness after angry outbursts. Pic credit: TLC

She said he also claimed he’d “injured people before and he’s never backed down from a fight.”

Valerie claimed he would follow angry outbursts by begging for forgiveness only to become angry again. She said she was “never faced with this kind of instability before.”

‘I told him to stop’

In one of her most serious allegations, Valerie alleged that on one occasion, she consented to a sexual act but when she later withdrew her consent, Syngin refused to stop what he was doing.

“He expressed his interest in trying something, and I said I would try,” she said. “I did agree. But there got a certain point where I was, you know, ‘you need to stop. You have to stop. This cannot continue, I don’t like this’. And that didn’t happen. There was no stopping. It was, ‘you’re going to be quiet and you’re going to deal with it’, basically.”

Valerie claimed she was crying but telling herself “not to be a prude.” She claimed that Syngin then told her he was falling in love with her and said that her own thinking was that she didn’t want to mess things up with him despite the red flags.

After that night they were not intimate the following day, but Valerie contended that he was “nuclear love-bombing” her.

The night before she left, they allegedly picked back up and Valerie asserted, “[there] was an incident where it came to be that my hands and feet were restricted. My breathing was restricted. I was blindfolded.”

“There were pictures of me that I did not know he was taking, and you know again, not having experience with this, wasn’t aware that there needed to be a safe word, and even if there was, I wasn’t able to say it.”

Valerie relayed that she only got out of it after she couldn’t breathe and made a frightening noise. She also described a separate incident where she claimed she passed out from getting choked and said she was “smacked” in the face.

Valerie claims Syngin Colchester ‘disposed of her’

When she left to go home, Valerie claims that Syngin told her that he couldn’t make a commitment to their relationship.

She says they continued to talk afterward because she wanted to understand him and be there for him but said, “He got shady about where he was and what he was doing.” She ended up feeling like he was “disposing” of her.

Valerie said he ended up saying to her, “You’re just jealous. F**k off back to your boring life. I don’t need your s**t. I don’t have time for you.”

She claims she tried to get him to acknowledge that he hurt her but said he called her small-minded and blocked her across the board.

She added that she was scared for other women who throw themselves at him online. “He’s like an animal,” she said. “I wish he would just own up to it, and be like ‘you know, I’m sorry, I disrespected you, I violated you, I hurt you.”

90 Day: The Single Life is available to stream on Fridays on Discovery+.

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