Syngin Colchester is facing backlash from 90 Day: The Single Life viewers for disrespecting Tania Maduro

Syngin Colchester
Syngin made a disrespectful comment about his ex Tania during The Single Life and it irritated viewers. Pic credit: TLC

After Syngin went on a successful date during the latest episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, he excitedly affirmed his decision to leave Tania which rubbed viewers the wrong way.

Syngin’s declaration that he was not in fact opposed to having kids was a blatant contradiction to the exact reason why he broke up with Tania.

Syngin’s date had said she wanted children within five years.

The producers called him out on the 180 during an interview and he confirmed that in the future he would be open to becoming a father but his open diss to Tania was not missed by critics.

90 Day: The Single Life viewers called Syngin Colchester out for disrespecting Tania Maduro

A Reddit thread was started with the subject, “Goes on one date that didn’t go terribly and exclaims this. What a slap in the face to Tania.”

The post featured a still image of Syngin saying, “And now I know I totally made the right choice by leaving Tania” after he secured a second date.

The most popular comment in the thread remarked, “Tanya’s watching this episode from home right now and hearing him say he’s not opposed to kids in the future, and she’s surely going to be doing a witch doctor curse of some sort on him….”

Another critic who agreed with that sentiment added, “The chicken has already been slaughtered for Tania’s midnight Santeria spell for syngin.”

Reddit thread about Syngin
Pic credit: @u/bazf91/Reddit

Another Redditor made the well-liked point, “This guy has rocks for brains. Telling that poor girl that he is open to kids when that’s literally why he and Tania split is absolutely ridiculous. He will tell any pretty little thing whatever he needs to in order to get them in the sack. He is manipulative and will never be able to hold down a long-term relationship. He is selfish.”

Reddit thread about Syngin
Pic credit: @u/bazf91/Reddit

What else will Syngin Colchester go through on 90 Day: The Single Life?

Now that Syngin is embracing his bachelor life, he may not be looking to settle down and may end up playing the field. However, he did seem to be very excited about his most recent date so it will be interesting for The Single Life viewers to see what that turns into if anything.

Syngin also needs to move off of his friend’s couch and find work and a place to live for himself so viewers may get to see how he will set his life up in Arizona where he has settled.

90 Day: The Single Life is available to stream on Fridays on Discovery+.

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Colleen Souzay
Colleen Souzay
2 years ago

I am very surprised that Syngin has stayed this long! Tanya has been waaay too bossy and controlling from day one!