90 Day: The Single Life: Big Ed explains why asked Liz to move in with him

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed.
90 Day: The Single Life star Big Ed explains why he asked Liz to move in with him. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed has had a rough time when it comes to his romantic relationship and fans have speculated that much of that stems from his inability to take things slow when getting to know someone new.

This theory is all but proven itself throughout the current season of 9 Day: The Single Life. The season has chronicled Big Ed’s budding relationship with Elizabeth (Liz) Woods, and as fans have come to expect, Big Ed pushed Liz from the very beginning.

At the end of their first date, Ed boldly went in for a kiss that Liz ended up rejecting. However, they managed to recover from the awkward encounter and decided to keep moving forward towards a relationship.

However, the obstacles just kept coming.

After a gnarly argument in Las Vegas, Liz ended up boarding a flight and heading home early without Ed. Yet again, they stayed together.

Although we now know that the couple has split, the current 90 Day: The Single Life season is still unfolding, and in a recent episode, Ed asked Liz to move in with him. This move also left her uncomfortable.

Big Ed reveals why he asked Liz to move in with him

During a recent chat with Us Weekly, Big Ed revealed why he felt it was the right time to ask Liz to move in with him.

“I really was [sure],” he explained. “I was elated [by] the fact that Liz wanted to move in because the fact of the matter is, I wanted us to get to know each other more before I put a ring on her finger, so I really wanted to make sure that we were compatible.”

Although his intentions were seemingly in the right place, it put Liz in an awkward position. He revealed that Liz may have been motivated to say yes to his request due to a past relationship that didn’t end well.

“I think probably Liz may have felt — the fact that she had just got out of a horrible relationship. This guy was not a good person at all,” Ed shared.

He continued, “But I figured I’m such a great guy. She won the lottery.”

Big Ed and Liz may no longer be together, but hearing her say that she loved him ‘solidified’ Ed’s feelings for her

While their relationship has ended, it has yet to play out on-screen. But Big Ed shared with Us Weekly that it meant so much to hear Liz say that she loved him.

“When Liz told me that she loved me, I mean, I already knew I was in love with her, but to hear it from her for the first time, it really solidified my heart and the feelings that I have for her and her daughter,” Big Ed admitted.

90 Day: The Single Life is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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