90 Day: The Single Life: Big Ed says he and Liz moved too fast, admits they’re in a ‘rough spot right now’

90 Day:The Single Life star Big Ed says he's in a rough spot with Liz
Big Ed admit his relationship with Liz moved too fast. Pic credit:Discovery+

90 Day:The Single Life star Big Ed admitted that his now debunked relationship with Liz moved too fast.

Liz herself recently shared that things moved at lightning speed when she met the reality TV star.

Although the former couple started out as friends, things soon took a very serious turn. We watched their relationship play out on the show and after a rough blowout in Vegas, they appeared to make up.

However, now we know that they have since split because Liz announced the breakup on Instagram a few days ago. And as for why things didn’t work out between them, both Liz and Ed will agree that they moved too quickly.

Big Ed says his relationship with Liz got serious too fast

Big Ed is now a single man again, but he has done some reflection since the breakup with Liz.

During a recent chat with Us Weekly, he pinpointed exactly where things went wrong in the relationship, and it’s a sentiment that Liz herself has also expressed recently.

“The biggest hurdle in our relationship is we both moved too fast,” admitted the 90 Day: The Single Life star. “Liz made the first move physically. I think in a way I kind of made it mean so much more, but we eventually became very compatible, and we were kind of glued at the hip with each other.”

He continued, “We were in a real relationship, and with relationships, it’s so difficult on both ends where we tend to put walls up. It happens on both sides. Part of getting to know Liz was breaking down those barriers that she has put up and the barriers that I had put up for 29 years.”

Meanwhile, Liz recently shared that Ed was the one taking the relationship at full speed. “There’s no pumping the brakes with that man. That man is go, go, go and it’s me just being like okay, how do I work on my patience still cause there’s no going around this.”

Big Ed is in a rough spot with Liz

The Discovery+ star continued to dish about his relationship with Liz and where things stand with them today.

Big Ed shared that after filming wrapped on the show, he started to see red flags in the relationship, but claimed: “I really was [in love] and I still am.”

However, they’re not on the best of terms right now, “We’re in a rough spot right now, and we’re kind of working through [it]” revealed Ed.

He explained, “A relationship is hard, and she got out of her last relationship recently. I think she was only single for about two weeks before her and I started dating. So I think for Liz, it was a lot too fast.”

Do you think Liz and Big Ed will get back together?

90 Day: The Single Life is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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