90 Day Fiance fans are over Big Ed, ready for someone new

Big Ed is slathering himself in mayo.
Big Ed Brown covers himself in a mayo hair mask. Pic credit: TLC

Half the fun of watching 90 Day Fiance and its multiple spin-offs is being able to judge the crazy singles and couples that grace our small screens. Some relationships make it all the way to the altar, while others fail to capture cupid’s arrow.

90 Day Fiance fans think Big Ed is creepy

Big Ed Brown is one of the cringiest TLC personalities to have ever made his way through the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Viewers first met the San Diego native when he flew to the Philippines to meet his fiancee, Rosemarie Vega. 

They looked like the odd couple, to begin with since he is old enough to be her father. But his demands were too much for the mother of one to handle. He not only asked her to shave her legs but also bought her creepy lingerie to wear.

Since being dumped, he tried his luck on 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life, where Big Ed met another young mother of one, Liz Marie. This relationship also crashed and burned, which led the photographer to find a new pastime.

It’s also not helping Big Ed’s case that he literally nicknamed himself Big Ed. The 90 Day Fiance star has capitalized on his short stature and uses that to draw attention to himself.

Big Ed loves social media

Big Ed has become a viral sensation literally overnight thanks to his Nacho Libre costume and creepy Cameos. It also can’t hurt that a certain popular YouTuber seems to be enamored with Big Ed.

He can often be seen in a chicken hat and dancing to La Bamba. Followers have grown tired of these videos and feel he is just desperate.

One very bored Instagram follower wrote, “One desperate man,” with another one making it clear that “These videos Getting real OLD.”

90 Day Fiance fans want Big Ed off the show

TLC viewers want to see him removed from the show, especially after learning that he was accused of sexual assault. A TikToker with the username Lordakeet posted several videos claiming that she has been sexually assaulted and harassed by Ed “on numerous occasions.”


It took awhile to build my confidence, please don’t let it flop… #biged #90dayfiance #tlc #realitytv #makethisviral

♬ original sound – Lordakeet

Most recently, a phone call between Liz and Big Ed was leaked and did not show the reality star in good light. He could be heard berating his girlfriend and calling her stupid.

For the most part, it seems 90 Day Fiance supporters no longer want the network to protect him and cast him on any further series. Despite that, it’s been learned that Big Ed won’t be going anywhere and that we can expect to see him just as much as we have been in the 90 Day Fiance world.

After all, the cast list for Season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life was leaked recently and Big Ed is expected to return to that show, upsetting many fans of the franchise who have been calling for 90 Day Fiance production to pull the plug on Big Ed.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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