90 Day Fiance fans agree Paola Mayfield is giving Shakira vibes as she shows off her latest fashion creation

paola mayfield IG selfie march 17 2024
Paola showed off her seamstress skills and her fans were impressed. Pic credit: @paola_mayfield/Instsagram

Paola Mayfield impressed her fans with her seamstress skills and eye for fashion, and they think her latest look resembles a fellow Colombian bombshell.

Paola is best known for her appearance on 90 Day Fiance and multiple spin-offs, but she’s also a Jill of all trades.

Since arriving in America in 2013, the Colombian-born beauty has proven that she’s multi-talented.

In addition to her reality television appearances, Paola is a personal trainer, nutritional coach, professional wrestler, and talented seamstress.

The 36-year-old reality TV personality recently uploaded a video of herself on Instagram, sharing her most recent design for her upcoming birthday weekend.

In the Reel, Paola posed inside her sewing room, showing off the green fabric she used as the remix of Disturbia and Sweet Dreams played in the background.

After shaking the fabric for the camera, Paola reappeared clad in her creation, showing off her incredible physique and sewing talent.

Paola fashioned the material into a low-cut bra top and matching low-waisted skirt with a thigh slit.

Showing off her new long blonde extensions, Paola struck a few poses and showed off her dance moves, shimmying her hips.

In the caption, Paola wrote, “Miami ready!!! Almost done with this Little design I made πŸ’“ #mybirthdayweekend is coming soon! #stillmindingmybusiness.”

Although she turned off the like count for her post, Paola’s upload showed that it was played more than 400,000 times, and her comments section was flooded with compliments from her fans and followers.

Paola Mayfield’s fans gush over her resemblance to fellow Colombian beauty Shakira

Among the comments were many people who pointed out that Paola looked much like the Colombian superstar Shakira, especially with her long blonde hair while shimmying her hips in the video.

“Looking like Shakira! 😍,” exclaimed @erica_brookman.

Another one of Paola’s fans agreed, commenting, “I was thinking the same thing!”

“It’s giving Shakira all the wayyy,” proclaimed another fan of Paola’s.

paola mayfield's instagram followers comment on her resemblance to shakira
Paola gets fan support. Pic credit: @paola_mayfield/Instagram

One Instagram user asked Paola in her native Spanish, “Shakira is it you?”

“Looks like Shakira,” read another comment written in Spanish.

@lovely.luna111 added, “Shakira Shakira 🎢πŸ”₯.”

Paola claps back at critics who pry into her private life

Paola has faced harsh criticism about her husband, Russ Mayfield.

She and Russ have had their fair share of marital woes, so whenever Paola fails to include Russ in her posts, her naysayers usually assume that they’ve split.

Paola recently addressed the online chatter surrounding her, seemingly taking a shot at critics focusing on her and Russ’s relationship problems.

The hashtag Paola used in her caption — #mindingmybusiness — has become her signature on Instagram.

In another recent Instagram video, Paola pointed out that she’s often under intense scrutiny online, but remains in her lane amid all of the negative chatter, focusing on her well-being.

Paola got to work on a lat pulldown machine in the recording, and text over the video read, “While people are criticizing my every move I’m just here minding my business, increasing strength and growing my back muscles.”

In her caption, she added, “#mindingmybusiness πŸ˜Œ.”

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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