8 of the biggest feuds between Jersey Shore cast members

The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation in a group hug
The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation enjoys hugging. Pic credit: MTV

The cast of Jersey Shore is known for their party lifestyle and fist-pumping in the clubs.

Fans have watched the cast grow up on the screen and the show has transitioned from partying at clubs and random hookups to watching the cast get married and raise children.

Whenever they meet up, the cast typically gets along and is happy to see one another and reconnect. Jersey Shore Family Vacation has become all about the fun they have when they reunite and catch up on each other’s lives.

While they appear to be one big happy family now, that hasn’t always been the case.

From the infamous note to heads going through walls and fists flying outside of the club, past and present cast members have had many heated arguments.

We’ve broken down the eight biggest feuds between Jersey Shore cast members in the history of the franchise.

8. JWOWW vs Sammi

Sammi and JWOWW go head to head after JWOWW wrote a note revealing that Ron cheated on Sam
Sammi and JWOWW went head to head after JWOWW wrote a note revealing that Ron cheated on Sam. Pic credit: MTV

Loyal Jersey Shore fans can recall the note written by Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWOWW” Farley which anonymously told Sammi Giancola that Ronnie Magro cheated on her.

The infamous note read, “Sam, the first night at BED when you left, Ron made out with two girls and put his head in between a cocktail waitresses breasts. Also was grinding with multiple fat women. When you left crying at KLUTCH, Ron was holding hands and dancing with a female and took down her number. Multiple people in the house know, therefore you should know the truth. Use this information wisely.”

Tension grew back at the house as Sammi asked several times who wrote the note and no one would come forward.

Eventually, Sammi and JWOWW came to blows as Sammi called her castmates “pu****s” for not coming to her directly and telling her.

JWOWW didn’t take lightly to that comment and pushed her face right in front of her and said, “I’m in your face right now.”

The girls started fist fighting as Snooki yelled “stop!” several times. They continued to punch each other as the rest of the roommates tried to break it up.

Sadly, the girls’ feud continued throughout several seasons as JWOWW did not respect Sam’s decision to take Ronnie back time and time again and she was sick of trying to be a good friend to Sam. Sam felt JWOWW was a bad friend to her and often grew insecure over her ongoing friendship with Ronnie.

Sammi eventually stopped filming with the cast when they decided to reunite for Jersey Shore Family Vacation. It’s unclear whether she and JWOWW continue to communicate.

7. Sammi vs Ronnie

Sammi and Ronnie fight several times while on Jersey Shore
Sammi and Ronnie fought several times during their on-again-off-again relationship. Pic credit: MTV

While JWOWW and Sammi had their beef, the roommates grew tired of the ongoing drama between Sammi and Ronnie season after season.

Their on-again-off-again relationship drama was never-ending and several of the roommates often got involved because they constantly argued in front of them.

One of Sam and Ronnie’s first fights started when he saw footage of her flirting with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Ronnie broke up with her and felt he couldn’t trust her.

Soon after, the couple got back together, but it didn’t take long for more drama to take place. Ronnie took advantage of his single time at the club and had fun with several different women. Snooki and JWOWW wrote the infamous note to tell Sam about it and all hell broke loose.

Sam stayed with Ronnie despite his poor choices. Later, she became upset that Ronnie was friends with JWOWW after the issues the girls had.

When Ron wouldn’t answer her about whether he was still friends with JWOWW or not, Sammi punched him in the face.

Ronnie began throwing Sam’s clothes and belongings out of their closet and destroyed her things. He even went so far as to drag her bed while she was sitting on it yelling at him to stop.

They tried to make amends again, but Sam admitted she hooked up with one of Mike’s friends (Arvin) long before she was with Ronnie. Ronnie couldn’t handle it and ended their relationship… again.

During the following season, the Shore cast took a trip to Italy, and Ron and Sam reunited for a final time. The couple continued their on-again-off-again romance before eventually calling it quits two years after filming ended.

The two of them moved on with other people but refused to film or be in the same place as each other. When the cast reunited for Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Sammi decided it was time to completely move on from the Jersey Shore era.

6. Pauly vs Angelina

Pauly D yells at Angelina after she slaps him in the face
Pauly D yelled at Angelina after she slapped him in the face. Pic credit: MTV

Pauly DelVecchio was typically known as the peacemaker and very rarely made it onto anyone’s bad side – until Angelina Pivarnick decided to push his buttons one night.

After a night out, Angelina, Mike, and Pauly were in the kitchen having some late-night snacks. Angelina was getting in Pauly’s face and asked him why he was being a jerk. Pauly assured her he wasn’t doing anything and tried to continue on with what he was doing.

Angelina continued to accuse the boys of not caring about her and eventually started crying. It wasn’t until she slapped Pauly across the face that things took a turn for the worst.

Angelina proceeded to smack him a couple more times until Pauly yelled, “Get the f**k away from me!”

Mike told Angelina she was drunk and needed to go to bed while Pauly tried to leave the room and end the argument. Angelina wouldn’t let up and continued to follow Mike and Pauly around.

Finally, Pauly lost it again and yelled, “Are you touching me?! Stop touching me!”

Pauly yelled so loud that he woke up JWOWW. When she asked if there was a problem, Pauly yelled “She needs to leave this f**king house!”

Angelina then denied ever hitting him as Pauly accused her of being delusional.

Pauly walked back into the house with JWOWW and said, “That girl’s crazy and I don’t get mad.”

The argument was one of the few rare occasions where Pauly became upset.

5. Snooki vs Mike

Snooki gets in a fight with The Situation after he claims the two of them hooked up 2 months prior to filming
Snooki got in a fight with The Situation after he claimed they hooked up. Pic credit: MTV

While Mike is now loved by all of his Jersey Shore roommates, there was a time when most of them did not get along with him. Snooki was no exception.

When the cast took a trip to Italy, Snooki flipped out on Mike after he told everyone the two of them hooked up two months prior. Snooki was upset because she was dating Jionni LaValle at the time, who is now her husband, and didn’t want what she claimed was a lie to ruin their relationship.

Mike was adamant that the two had hooked up despite Snooki pleading that she hadn’t even seen him in two months. At the time, many of the roommates were at odds with Mike, and Snooki told him he ruined the one remaining friendship he had left.

They continued to fight during several episodes and at one point, Snooki threw a wine bottle at Mike’s head. It’s unknown whether Mike or Snooki ever came forward to set the story straight, but they both eventually moved on from the drama and are now closer than ever.

4. JWOWW vs Mike

JWOWW punches Mike in the face after he gets her kicked out of the club in Atlantic City
JWOWW punched Mike in the face after he got her kicked out of the club in Atlantic City. Pic credit: MTV

During an overnight trip to Atlantic City, things between JWOWW and Mike got bad after he got her thrown out of the club.

JWOWW threw up in the bathroom after she said she mixed too many drinks and ate food. She asked Mike, who was hooking up with a random girl, to take her back to the hotel room because she didn’t want to go alone.

Mike refused to walk her back and didn’t want to be bothered with her. JWOWW became frustrated and slapped him upside the back of his head.

Security from the club came over and Mike encouraged them to kick her out of the club as he stayed with the girl he met.

JWOWW went back to their hotel room and told Ronnie and Sam how upset she was and that she was going to punch Mike when he came back. JWOWW did not miss out on her opportunity to do just that.

Despite castmate Vinny Guadagnino’s attempts to hold her back from Mike, JWOWW punched him twice in the face and the second time was a hard punch in the mouth.

Mike was adamant that he did nothing wrong, but JWOWW wasn’t having it at all. She proved once again that she is not someone to mess with.

JWOWW and Mike eventually moved on and are now close friends, but the punch scene is one of the most iconic fights in Jersey Shore history.

3. Mike vs Ronnie and the wall

Mike and Ronnie get into a brawl while in Italy and Mike slammed his head into the wall
Mike and Ronnie got into a brawl while in Italy. Pic credit: MTV

Snooki and JWOWW weren’t the only roommates to have problems with Mike.  When the roommates took their trip to Italy, Ronnie and Mike had a blowout which ended with Mike also battling an inanimate object – the wall.

The fight started after Sam told Ronnie that Mike was telling her stories about him bringing five girls back to the house. Ronnie became furious because he and Sam had just started to get things back on track.

Ronnie went into an all-out rage and began ripping apart their bedroom and throwing Mike’s bed and belongings all over the place. Mike started yelling at Ronnie to hit him and told him he was sick of being involved in their relationship.

After several times of yelling at Ronnie to hit him, Mike decided to throw himself headfirst into the concrete wall, nearly knocking himself out. JWOWW came over to check on him and noticed that Mike was disoriented and out of sorts.

After Mike had his confrontation with the wall, Ronnie turned his frustration to Sam and was mad at her for telling him anything in the first place. When Mike got a second wind, he again instigated with Ronnie and yelled “Let’s do it!”

Ronnie tackled Mike and it turned into an all-out brawl between the two of them. The fight got so bad that production had to intervene and security guards jumped in to break it up.

Eventually, after things settled down, Mike and Ronnie had a heart to heart with each other while Mike was in a neck brace. They agreed to put their issues behind them and move on.

2. Angelina vs JWOWW

Angelina and JWOWW have been feuding with each other for years
Angelina and JWOWW have been feuding with each other for years. Pic credit: MTV

Angelina and JWOWW have a history of not getting along with one another. One of their first arguments began when she reunited with the cast in Miami.

JWOWW told Angelina she was upset that she talked a lot of crap about the roommates when she decided to leave the show. JWOWW brought it up while they were in a cab and even told Angelina they could settle the argument in a fistfight when they got out.

They never ended up getting into a fistfight, but the feud continued as Angelina continued to talk about JWOWW on social media after the season ended. The following season, Angelina tried to explain why she did it but JWOWW wasn’t having it at all.

The other girls tried to resolve the situation but the feud continued. JWOWW told Angelina she would never be part of their family because she couldn’t be trusted.

JWOWW wanted her to leave and said, “You wanna get your a** bet, you can stay and get your f**king a** beat, [or] you can stay and get your f**king a** beat.”

Eventually, Angelina made her way back into the group but it didn’t take long for her and JWOWW to get back on fighting terms again.

During an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, JWOWW brought her new boyfriend, Zack Carpinello, otherwise known as “24” to hang out with the roommates at a club.

At the club, JWOWW had too much to drink and sat passed out against 24. While she was half asleep, Angelina flirted with 24 and she told everyone that he touched her inappropriately and grabbed her butt.

The situation became heated and JWOWW came to 24’s defense and told Angelina that she blew the whole situation out of proportion and lied about it. This caused a nasty fight and the two women screamed at each other over family dinner.

When the episode eventually aired, JWOWW posted to social media about how hurt she was by both 24 and someone she considered a friend.

The girls eventually made amends and Angelina asked JWOWW to be part of her wedding as one of her bridesmaids. Things were great up until the infamous speech given at Angelina’s wedding, which leads us to the number one greatest feud so far in Jersey Shore history.

1. Angelina vs the girls

Angelina and the girls of Jersey Shore continue to feud after the infamous speech at Angelina's wedding
Angelina and the girls of Jersey Shore continue to feud after the infamous speech at Angelina’s wedding. Pic credit: MTV

Season 3 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation ended in fireworks after Deena Cortese, Snooki, and JWOWW gave their bridesmaid speech at Angelina’s wedding.

The speech included several insults to Angelina such as calling her the “trash to their island.” While the girls intended the speech to be funny, Angelina and her guests didn’t take it that way.

The girls were met with several boos from the audience and Angelina made it clear she wanted nothing to do with them. The situation became so bad that Snooki cried during a confessional interview.

Audio from the girls/ speech ended up getting leaked on social media long before the episode had a chance to air and fans immediately took aim at the women on social media. Several fans called the girls bullies and even made comments about their parenting skills and their children.

The backlash became so bad that Snooki decided to stop filming and cut ties with the show. Because of the emotional toll it took on JWOWW and Deena, the two of them refused to be around Angelina to film Season 4.

Prior to the start of Season 4, Angelina didn’t talk to the girls for nearly nine months. During the premiere episode, Mike attempted to mediate and get everyone back on track, however, Deena and JWOWW made it clear they wanted nothing to do with Angelina.

Jersey Shore has filmed for nearly 11 years and fans have watched as the cast went from non-stop party animals in their 20’s to a family-oriented group who are starting to settle down in their 30’s.

Despite the many feuds in the past, the Shore cast continues to support one another as they encounter life’s problems and entertain fans with their joking antics and the unconditional love they have for one another.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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