Outer Banks Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out on Netflix?

Outer Banks on Netflix
Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline on Outer Banks. Pic credit: Netflix

Outer Banks Season 2 is coming to Netflix and fans are looking forward to another season of treasure-hunting adventure with The Pogues.

The first 10-episode season of the drama series, which premiered on Netflix on April 15, followed The Pogues, a group of teenage friends, hunting for lost treasure in the Outer Banks islands, off the coast of North Carolina.

Season 1 ended with John B (Chase Stokes) and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) making a daring escape. They escape the cops by sea to continue their search for the gold in the Bahamas.

Since Season 1 dropped on Netflix, fans have been asking whether the show is returning for Outer Banks Season 2.

Here is everything we know.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of Outer Banks?

The good news is that Netflix has renewed Outer Banks for season 2.

Netflix announced the renewal of the show for Season 2 on Friday, July 24.

The cast of the show — including Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, and Rudy Pankow — celebrated the announcement with a video uploaded to Netflix’s official Instagram page.

“this is not a drill… Outer Banks is coming back for Season 2.”

The official Instagram account for Outer Banks also announced the renewal and teased that the upcoming season will be set in the Bahamas.

Outer Banks Season 2 on Netflix
Pic credit: @obx/Instagram

The renewal announcement on Friday did not come as a surprise. Outer Banks Season 1 received positive critical reviews and was a hit among viewers on Netflix.

Release date latest: When is Outer Banks Season 2 likely to come out?

Netflix did not announce a release date for the upcoming series. After Season 1 premiered in April 2020, fans are hoping that the show will return for Season 2 in the spring of 2021.

However, it is uncertain that production on the upcoming season will start soon enough for a spring 2021 premiere date. This is because Netflix suspended production on all scripted TV shows and movies due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

However, fans can still hope that Season 2 will go into production soon enough to arrive on Netflix later in 2021.

We will keep you updated on the last news about the release date for Outer Banks Season 2, so stay tuned.

Outer Banks Season 2 cast updates

Netflix has not officially confirmed the full cast for the upcoming season. But according to Deadline, the main cast for Season 1 will return for Season 2.

This includes Chase Stokes as John B (the leader of the Pogues), Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Rudy Pankow as JJ, Madison Bailey as Kiara, and Madelyn Cline as Sarah.

Others are Austin North as Topper, Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron, Deion Smith as Kelce, and Charles Esten as Ward Cameron.

Monsters & Critics reported recent rumors that Tik Tok star Charli D’Amelio will appear in Outer Banks Season 2.

The rumor caused a stir on social media, with hundreds of fans taking to Twitter to comment. Some fans wanted D’Amelio to appear on the show while others opposed it.

One fan even started a petition on Change.Org to dissuade the showrunners from casting D’Amelio in the upcoming season.

As of this article being published, more than 8,900 people have signed the petition out of a target of 10,000.

The rumor gained further traction after D’Amelio, the show creators, and Netflix failed to deny or confirm it. Show star Chase Stokes eventually denied the rumor in a video posted on TikTok on June 21.

Outer Banks is created and executive produced by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke.

What is Outer Banks about?

Outer Banks follows John B (Chase Stokes) and his friends, The Pogues, who are investigating what happened to  John B’s missing father, Big John.

The Pogues discover that Big John went missing after teaming up with a wealthy local, Ward Cameron, to find a lost ship believed to have sunk off the coast of North Carolina, with gold worth $400 million.

Big John left his son clues about where the missing gold was hidden and John B leads the Pogues on a desperate mission to find the gold before others do.

The Pogues finally find the gold buried in an abandoned water well on an old property. But while the Pogues struggle with distraction arising from infighting within the group and conflicts with the rival gang, the Kooks, Warden retrieves the gold and flies it out.

In the desperate final effort to fly the gold out of the country, Ward’s son, Rafe, murders Sheriff Peterkin who had been investigating Big John’s death.

Ward then frames John B for the murder. With the police after him, John B is forced to make a daring escape with his girlfriend, Sarah (Ward’s daughter), by driving a boat into a deadly storm in open seas.

Outer Banks Season 2 plot

Outer Banks Season 2 will pick up where Season 1 left off.

In the season finale, John B and Sarah make a daring escape from the authorities by driving a boat into a deadly storm in pitch-black darkness.

They survive the storm and are rescued at dawn by a boat out at sea.

Viewers learn in the closing scenes that John B and Sarah are going to the Bahamas to find the gold that Ward flew out.

Madelyn Cline, who portrayed Sarah Cameron, told Entertainment Tonight that in Outer Bands Season 2, Sarah and John B will continue their hunt for the gold in Nassau.

She also teased that Ward will get his comeuppance in the upcoming season.

“All of these puppet strings Ward has kind of been playing are now coming loose and he doesn’t really have control over his world anymore. I feel like there definitely will be consequences for Ward or Rafe, so that will be interesting to see how that plays out.”

Outer Banks Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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