Austin North: Outer Banks star speaks out after arrest in Las Vegas

It’s been quite a week for Outer Banks star Austin North. TMZ broke the news of the 27-year-old’s arrest for gross misdemeanor battery after being accused of attacking employees at a Las Vegas hospital. According to the outlet, officers arrived at the hospital after the actor allegedly punched a nurse in the head, shoved the


Will there be an Outer Banks Season 3? When to expect a Netflix release date

Outer Banks Season 2 was released on July 30, and fans of the teen drama were quick to binge through the thrilling series. Unfortunately, the current season concluded with a cliffhanger that left viewers wondering when Season 3 of Outer Banks is coming out. Outer Banks is a hit Netflix series that is set in


Gearing up for the dramatic Outer Banks Season 2 premiere

There is a great deal of mystery in-store with the Season 2 premiere of Outer Banks on Netflix on Friday, July 9, and we can hardly wait. The coming-of-age story (think a blend of The O.C. and Veronica Mars) follows a tight-knit group of local teens (the “Pogues”) in the beach destination of the Outer


Outer Banks Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out on Netflix?

Outer Banks Season 2 is coming to Netflix and fans are looking forward to another season of treasure-hunting adventure with The Pogues. The first 10-episode season of the drama series, which premiered on Netflix on April 15, followed The Pogues, a group of teenage friends, hunting for lost treasure in the Outer Banks islands, off


Is Charli D’Amelio going to be on Outer Banks? Latest on the online rumors

A rumor is spreading on social media that the TikTok star Charli D’Amelio will appear on Season 2 of the Netflix’s teen drama series Outer Banks. Fans have been looking forward to Outer Banks Season 2  since the 10-episode Season 1 dropped on the streaming platform in April 2020. Outer Banks followed the Pogues, a