One Chicago stars tried to see who could name the most characters outside of their own shows

LaRoyce Hawkins From Chicago P.D.
LaRoyce Hawkins is one of the stars of the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: ©

Three stars from One Chicago battled it out to see who could name the most characters from the other Chicago shows.

LaRoyce Hawkins from Chicago P.D., Jessy Schram from Chicago Med, and Hanako Greensmith from Chicago Fire took part in the challenge.

The object was to name as many characters from the world of One Chicago as they could in 30 seconds. But they couldn’t name characters from their shows.

LaRoyce plays Officer Kevin Atwater on the Chicago P.D. cast. He is an integral member of the Intelligence Unit and has been with the program for years.

Jessy plays Dr. Hannah Asher on the Chicago Med cast. The character debuted in Season 5, but she got fired due to her drug addiction. Hannah was brought back to the hospital in Season 7.

Hankao plays paramedic Violet Mikami on the Chicago Fire cast. She joined Fire in Season 8 and has appeared in 56 episodes.

A Battle of One Chicago stars

LaRoyce had a clear advantage in this challenge due to his longevity in One Chicago. He has appeared in 207 episodes of P.D., six episodes of Med, 14 episodes of Fire, and even two episodes of the failed spin-off, Chicago Justice.

The video below shows the trio trying to name as many characters as possible in 30 seconds.

Jessy went first, tasked with naming people from Fire and P.D. If we count “Mooch,” then she got nine correct. She was trying to say Mouch.

LaRoyce went second and was able to name 11 people. It was impressive, but he has shared scenes with far more characters than that.

To see how Hanako did, check out the video below.

More news from One Chicago

Work on new Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. episodes has continued. Two Hollywood strikes delayed production, but everyone has returned to work.

NBC recently debuted a full-length trailer for the return, which is slated to happen in January. Getting new content for the shows will please many fans.

Shocking news reveals a star firefighter from Chicago Fire has left the show. Their last episode will be the Season 12 premiere.

A new actor has joined the Chicago Fire cast to fill that spot.

There is also a new member of the Chicago Med cast. A new face was added following the departure of Dr. Will Halstead from the hospital.

As a reminder, One Chicago returns with new episodes on Wednesday, January 17.

Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. are streaming on Peacock.

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