On My Block Season 4 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out on Netflix?

Netflix's On My Block
Will On My Block return for Season 4? Pic credit: Netflix

Fans are wondering whether On My Block is returning to Netflix for Season 4 after the eight-episode third season dropped on the streaming platform in March 2020.

The teen comedy-drama series, created by Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft, was an instant hit when the first ten-episode Season 1 premiered on Netflix in March 2018.

The show remained popular among fans, with season 3 scoring an approval rating of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes after On My Block Season 2 scored an approval rating of 100 percent.

Fans just can’t wait for another season of exciting and hilarious times with Monse and the gang, including Ruby, Jamal, and Jasmine. And if you have been wondering whether the show will ever return to Netflix, here is everything you need to know about On My Block Season 4.

Is there going to be a Season 4 of On My Block?

Netflix has not yet confirmed On My Block for Season 4 since Season 3 dropped on the platform back in March.

The delay in confirming the show for another season has left many fans worried about its future on the streaming platform.

On My Block Season 4
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Netflix typically waits only about a month after a season ends before deciding whether to renew or cancel the show. The decision is based primarily on the viewership stats for the show.

On My Block ranks among the most popular teen drama series on Netflix and the generally positive audience response makes it very likely that another season of the show is coming to the streaming platform despite current uncertainties due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The fact that show co-creator Lauren Iungerich recently signed a multi-year overall deal with Netflix, makes it even more likely that we will see more seasons of On My Block.

Release date latest: When is On My Block Season 4 likely to come out?

The first three seasons of On My Block dropped on Netflix in March 2018, 2019, and 2020 respectively. So fans were hoping that Season 4 will drop on the streaming platform in March 2021.

However, Netflix’s shutdown of production on scripted TV series as part of measures to control the coronavirus pandemic likely explains the delay in announcing the renewal of the show for another season. The current coronavirus-related restrictions could also cause a delay in production and consequently the release date for On My Block Season 4.

Netflix’s suspension of production on scripted TV series has affected many other popular TV shows, including the highly anticipated The Witcher Season 2 and Stranger Things Season 4.

We will update this page when Netflix announces the renewal and release date for On My Block Season 4.

On My Block Season 4 cast updates

We will have to wait until after the show is renewed for Season 4 to receive updates about the cast for the upcoming season.

However, fans can expect most of the main cast of Season 3 to return for Season 4.

So, fans can look forward to Sierra Capri returning as Monse, Jason Genao as Ruby, Brett Gray as Jamal, Jessica Marie Garcia as Jasmine, Diego Tinoco as Cesar, and Julio Macias as Spooky.

Most of the supporting cast is also likely to return.

What is On My Block About?

On My Block follows the lives of four teenage friends in inner-city Los Angeles. Season 3 followed events after the Santos gang kidnapping.

What to expect in Season 4

On My Block Season 3 ended with a two-year flash forward and we saw that the friends appeared to have drifted apart.

Monse has moved on to new gal pals after leaving for boarding school, and Jamal is back with the football team.

However, Jasmine and Ruby are still together but they seem to have drifted apart from Jamal who seems happy with his friends on the football team.

Cesar appears to have taken over the Santos gang from Oscar who has quit gang life.

Commenting on the surprising situation during a March 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Capri argued that although shocking, the transformation was a realistic portrayal of young friendships.

“It’s probably one of the most realistic endings that I think we’ve had… People evolve and they grow, and sometimes they grow apart. The way that you were two years ago is different [from how you are now].”

Also commenting on Cesar’s new role in the Santos gang and teasing what could be next for him, Genoa said:

“… he grew up and understood what it really meant to have a life. So then Cesar did that whole aspect where he was like, the little innocent thing, and turns into Spooky, and now hopefully, he’ll learn. And I think that’s how it evolves.”

In an interview with Paste, Iungerich teased that Season 4 will reveal how and why they drifted apart. It will also reveal whether they drift further part or whether events bring them together again.

“And so what does it look like for these kids, who are each other’s chosen family, when they’re not together? And how do we get them together again, if they are meant to be together?”

On My Block Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are streaming on Netflix.

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