NCIS: Sydney season finale promo, synopsis revealed

Dempsey from NCIS: Sydney
Todd Lasance plays AFP Liaison Officer Sergeant Jim “JD” Dempsey on NCIS: Sydney. Pic credit: John Tsiavis/Paramount+

The NCIS: Sydney season finale has nearly arrived.

Filmed in Australia, this NCIS spin-off covers a team based in Sydney.

While the Hollywood strikes were dragging on, this show wasn’t impacted by what was happening.

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CBS decided to take a show filmed for Paramount+ and place it in primetime.

The experiment worked, leading to millions of viewers for the newest show from the NCIS Universe.

And now the first season is ending, but not without some drama that die-hard viewers should enjoy.

NCIS: Sydney season finale synopsis

“When JD’s [Todd Lasance] son is kidnapped by an international assassin in exchange for a wanted criminal in NCIS custody, the team frantically tries to get his son back safely without trading in a criminal, on the first season finale,” reads the full synopsis from CBS.

This is NCIS: Sydney Season 1, Episode 8, and it airs for the first time on Tuesday, January 23.

The first season is shorter than a typical NCIS program, as the success wasn’t guaranteed. Filming an international show was a risk, but the fans following it are hoping for a second season.

TV promo for NCIS: Sydney season finale

Below is the teaser that CBS is running for the January 23 NCIS: Sydney episode. It is called Blonde Ambition, and the story hits close to home.

Jim “JD” Dempsey (played by Todd Lasance) is featured in the finale. Michelle Mackey (Olivia Swann) also appears in the teaser trailer.

DeShawn Jackson (Sean Sagar), Evie Cooper (Tuuli Narkle), Bluebird “Blue” Gleeson (Mavournee Hazel), and Doc Roy “Rosie” Penrose (William McInnes) also received top billing.

NCIS: Sydney 1x08 Promo "Blonde Ambition" (HD) Season Finale

More news from the NCIS Universe

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And here are new details about LL Cool J joining the NCIS spin-off. LL Cool J used to play Agent Sam Hanna on the NCIS: Los Angeles cast.

Previous episodes of NCIS: Sydney are available for streaming on Paramount+.

NCIS: Sydney airs on Tuesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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