NCIS season premiere synopsis released and Torres is in trouble

Torres NCIS 20
Agent Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) has been through a lot on NCIS. Pic credit: CBS

A new season of NCIS begins soon on CBS.

Despite the delays caused by two Hollywood strikes, new episodes will air this winter and spring.

NCIS Season 21 will reveal shocking and emotional storylines, including what happened after the Season 20 finale ended.

The new season begins on Monday, February 12, with the first new episode debuting at 9/8c.

The season premiere for NCIS: Hawai’i is slated for that same night at 10/9c.

Fans looking to catch up or re-watch previous episodes can stream them using Paramount+.

Synopsis for NCIS Season 21, Episode 1

Below is the synopsis for the February 12 episode of NCIS.

“The NCIS team must help Torres when he puts his future at stake by confronting the man who tormented his family when he was a child,” reads the synopsis for an episode called Algún Día.

This episode picks up right after the NCIS Season 20 finale events, underscoring the importance of fans remembering what happened.

It led to many questions, including whether or not actor Wilmer Valderrama was leaving the NCIS cast. Wilmer continues to play Agent Nick Torres and is an integral part of the show.

Below is a video from the NCIS set as everyone finally returned to work. Wilmer is in makeup, showing Torres has been through something (again).

The video also provides glimpses of Sean Murray (Agent Timothy McGee), Rocky Carroll (Director Leon Vance), Gary Cole (Agent Alden Parker), and Katrina Law (Agent Jessica Knight).

More details from the NCIS Universe

CBS recently announced it has a new NCIS show debuting in 2024.

NCIS: Origins will serve as a prequel series, revealing

Mark Harmon is also involved with the new NCIS show. For years, Mark played Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the original NCIS.

NCIS: Origins will feature a younger Gibbs working with his good friend, Mike Franks.

Since the characters are younger, Mark Harmon won’t star on the show. He will serve as a narrator to help explain the stories.

This created a perfect opportunity for Sean Harmon (Mark’s son) to star in the show, but he is only attached as a producer.

Sean stepped in to play the younger Gibbs during past episodes of NCIS. He did well, leading to support from fans to reprise the role again in the future.

More details about NCIS: origins should be revealed this spring and summer as the producers work on new episodes.

As a reminder, previous episodes of NCIS are available for streaming on Pearamount+.

NCIS spoilers have also been revealed about a Ducky tribute episode. The show has to address the death of actor David McCallum during upcoming episodes.

NCIS returns on February 12 on CBS.

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