NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama revealed his father had a ‘major’ heart attack

Wilmer ON NCIS
Wilmer Valderrama has starred on the NCIS cast for a number of years. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS cast member Wilmer Valderrama took to social media to share how much he values his time with his father after what took place recently.

Wilmer stated that his father suffered “a major heart attack” on Father’s Day this year, and then went into great detail about how grateful he is to have more time with his father.

On the NCIS cast, Wilmer plays Agent Nick Torres, a character that joined the show when Michael Weatherly stopped playing Agent Anthony DiNozzo. There have been some recent rumors about Weatherly returning to NCIS, but that’s another story.

Regarding where Valderrama’s character will go in NCIS Season 20, it could lead to some must-watch television.

Wilmer Valderrama shares heartfelt message about his father

“Fathers Day, I will remember as the day where my papa and I got another go at it,” Wilmer stated at the beginning of a caption that showed him with his father in the hospital.

“Last Sunday, my dad suffered a major heart attack.. while driving him to the ER, and keeping responsive and alert one thought came through my mind, if this is our last day together.. have I loved him hard enough, have I hugged him and told him that he did it.. that he gave his family everything.. that I saw him sacrifice it all, JUST to give us the American Dream,” Wilmer added to the caption.

“You taught me to love people and never give up on them. To be of service, to give all of you knowing that some times it will leave you almost empty.. then understanding that serendipitously made room for more blessings and light.. light that you share endlessly.. thank you god for letting us all have him for one more run, and to the hospitals that saved him,” Wilmer went on to say.

Wilmer Valderrama is keeping busy

Recently, Wilmer was teasing his fans about a new show that he has been working on, and it is certainly one that could be very intriguing to Netflix viewers. The streaming service is working on a sequel to That ’70s Show that is going to guest star a lot of the people who appeared on it.

Wilmer is also pretty busy with his new show for Disney+ that will serve as a fresh incarnation of Zorro. And he is slated to play the main character.

All of this is in addition to working on NCIS Season 20, which will be debuting in Fall 2022 on CBS. There had been rumors about Wilmer possibly leaving the NCIS cast, but it appears he is still sticking around.

For NCIS fans who want to go back and watch the recent seasons of the show that featured Wilmer Valderrama as Agent Nick Torres, all episodes are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Going back to re-watch the end of NCIS Season 19 is also a great refresher due to cliffhangers from the big finale.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of NCIS are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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