NCIS Season 20 spoilers: A character will pop, is Ducky coming back?

Ducky On NCIS 18
Ducky has always been a very important part of the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS Season 20 spoilers were revealed by executive producer Steven D. Binder in a new interview, where he spoke a bit about what the future holds for the long-running CBS drama.

Recently, Binder also spoke about bringing Michael Weatherly back to the show, which in itself is something that could lead to a huge boost in ratings as a story arc. Having (very) Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo return is something many NCIS fans have wanted.

We also know that the opening to the new NCIS season will be a continuation of the cliffhanger that brought an end to Season 19. Actress Teri Polo will be back, and we are going to learn much more about Vivian Kolchak.

Now, Binder has revealed a bit more about what NCIS fans can expect in Season 20, and one of the story arcs is actually something that they wanted to address in Season 19 before they ran out of time.

Some NCIS Season 20 spoilers on plot points

Agent Nick Torres (played by Wilmer Valderrama) still has some things to work through that didn’t get entirely addressed during NCIS Season 19. Viewers saw a glimpse of what’s coming, though, when he was in the ring for that fighting match.

“This is a guy who’s under a tremendous amount of pressure. Now he’s a professional and he’s getting the job done, but he’s got these internal pressures building up inside him, and at some point, you pop, and I think that’s in his future,” stated NCIS executive producer Steven D. Binder in a new TV Insider interview.

That’s an ominous statement to be making about a central character on the show, but it could certainly lead to some exciting moments and character development in NCIS Season 20.

Is Ducky coming back for NCIS Season 20?

“David McCallum, I say to him all the time, you are this magical pixie dust, wherever we put you, you’re just this magical being who elevates every scene he’s in with that David McCallum gravitas.’ So we would love to have more,” Binder stated about the actor who plays Ducky on the NCIS cast.

Binder also stated that NCIS fans could “possibly” see even more episodes with Ducky in them than what took place in Season 19. That’s a great piece of news, as he was one of the best components of the Season 19 finale. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Ducky the glue which held that episode together.

Before NCIS Season 20 episodes arrive in the fall, viewers can go back and stream all past seasons using Paramount+. It’s a great way to see some of the best episodes that the show has aired over its roughly 20 years on television.

NCIS returns for Season 20 on CBS in Fall 2022.

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Jean Scott
Jean Scott
2 years ago

Bring Ziva back

Loraine Smith
Loraine Smith
1 year ago

David McCallum has been “magic” since 1966 when he was in The Man From UNCLE. My heart throb at the age of 12!