NCIS season finale date: The Arizona marks end of Season 17 episodes

McGee and Torres
Sean Murray as McGee and Wilmer Valderrama as Torres on NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS season finale date has been revealed by CBS and it will take place with an episode called The Arizona.

We don’t yet have the plot details for Season 17, Episode 20, but it seems very likely that the story could revolve around the USS Arizona in Hawaii.

That would just be conjecture at this point, with more information to come from CBS as the Season 17 finale gets closer.

What we do know already, though, is that there are only two episodes left this season. Unfortunately, the production of new episodes had to be shut down.

NCIS season finale date

The NCIS season finale will air on Tuesday, April 14. That’s the information that is currently available, though CBS could always decide to shake things up a bit later.

The season is going to end quite abruptly as well because this wasn’t written up as the final episode for Season 17. Instead, the final four episodes will either be pushed to Season 18 or simply not filmed.

How many episodes of NCIS Season 17 are left?

Last week’s episode featured Sloane and her daughter, and a new episode of the show will also air on Tuesday, March 31. That new one is called “Blarney” and will be the 19th for Season 17.

“Blarney” and “The Arizona” will be the final new episodes of NCIS to air this season, and then the long summer hiatus will begin. The network hasn’t even hinted at a Season 18 release date yet.

Is NCIS canceled or renewed by CBS?

As of now, CBS has not made any announcement about Season 18. We don’t know for sure if the show will be renewed or if there are thoughts of it being canceled.

If we had to make a guess, we are pretty sure that NCIS Season 18 will be a go, because the ratings on Tuesday nights are still very strong.

Additionally, syndication for the show is very lucrative and if CBS can get a few more seasons out of the drama, that could mean a lot of additional dollar signs on the bottom line.

Plus, fans aren’t ready to say goodbye to Mark Harmon and his character of Gibbs. Even after nearly 17 full seasons as the star of the show, viewers are tuning in every week to find out what he will get up to next.

As a reminder, the NCIS schedule has a new episode on March 31 and the Season 17 finale is on April 14. The show will air on April 7 as well, but that will be a rebroadcast episode from earlier in the year.

Also worth noting is that Pauley Perrette is back on television with a new comedy on CBS. She played Abby Sciuto on NCIS for a number of years.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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Judith Maxson
Judith Maxson
4 years ago

My cable was out is there any place I can go watch now