NCIS reunion takes place during strike

Palmer NCIS Image
Brian Dietzen stars as Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

A huge NCIS reunion took place on the picket lines this week.

As most television viewers know, several Hollywood strikes are happening.

The Writers Guild of America went on strike first, with the writers trying to get better benefits, higher pay, and safety from artificial intelligence.

The Screen Actors Guild has also gone on strike, meaning the actors and actresses are also trying to get a new contract.

Due to these strikes, many projects have been halted.

And CBS had to make massive changes to the primetime schedule for Fall 2023.

It was recently revealed that NCIS Season 21 has been postponed. And CBS dealt NCIS: Hawai’i fans even worse news.

An NCIS reunion on the picket lines

“In 2003 I was cast as a one-day guest star on a project that would change my life,” begins a new Instagram post from actor Brian Dietzen.

“This little spin-off of the show JAG needed someone to play an assistant medical examiner opposite the legend David McCallum. I was lucky enough to be the guy to play Jimmy Palmer,” Brian added.

Brian wrote a long post about his time on NCIS. He shared his gratefulness to be a part of it and thanked the people who helped him and the show.

The post was for Brian to show how much he values the cast and writers he has worked with at NCIS. It also illustrates why he is on the picket lines.

“Today a bunch of us NCIS folks got together to celebrate our show, and stand in solidarity to support all WGA and SAGAftra members striking to develop payment structures and protections that’ll allow future actors, writers and shows to grow and flourish the way we’ve been able to,” Brian elaborated.

Many NCIS writers and cast members are featured in the Instagram post below.

In addition to current people like Katrina Law (she plays Agent Jessica Knight) and Sean Murray (Agent Tim McGee), Colin Hanks joined them.

Colin played Richard Parsons, an investigator from the Department of Defense, in the final two episodes of Season 10. Those episodes remain stark in the memories of fans who have watched and rewatched them over the years. 

The pictures above also feature Rockey Carroll (Director Vance), Joe Spano (former FBI Special Agent Tobias C. Fornell), and Gary Cole (former FBI Special Agent Alden Parker).

Many additional members of the NCIS programs have been shown on strike before this, including Renée Felice Smith, who used to play Nell Jones on NCIS: Los Angeles.

More news from NCIS

The actor who played Marty Deeks on NCIS: LA recently shared a story about his family getting sick.

Eric Christian Olsen detailed the ordeal that they experienced.

Fellow NCIS: LA star LL Cool J will be featured on a new reality television show.

LL Cool J is about to appear on Superfan on CBS. Outside of acting in the NCIS Universe, LL Cool J is still a music star with many fans. Now his fans will try to prove which one is the best.

Older seasons of NCIS are available for streaming on Paramount+. That’s where viewers can re-watch the end of Season 10, where Colin Hanks made his mark on the series.

NCIS is streaming on Paramount+.

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