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NCIS recap: Sangre explores backstory for Agent Nick Torres

Torres And Gibbs
Torres and Gibbs had an important scene together during the new episode of NCIS. Pic credit: CBS

This NCIS recap comes from Sangre, the episode that was supposed to air on CBS on Tuesday evening. The episode still got released to the Paramount+ application, even though CBS is delaying its television debut for a week. Hopefully, it stays available on the app for a while so that more fans can watch it.

We have an updated NCIS TV schedule for readers who want to tune in for the rest of Season 18, including when the episode will debut on CBS on April 27, but we also have this full recap for Season 18, Episode 12 of the show.

Sangre began with a flashback to 1989, where we saw an interaction within the Torres family in Panama. Nick awoke to find his father, Miguel, packing up to go somewhere. The exit was mysterious, but it gave some context for the last time that Nick had seen his father. It foreshadowed what was coming up.

After the opening credits, the show then shifted to McGee visiting Gibbs as the suspended boss worked on his boat. McGee was dropping his mail off on the way to work, but it seemed like an excuse to check in on his friend.

McGee mentioned that Vance had said the article about Gibbs’ suspension actually helped him, as it proved NCIS was willing to deal with the issue.

“There’s more to life than a job,” Gibbs told McGee as the younger man harped on about how much he wanted his mentor to return to the job.

NCIS Sangre recap

The case involved a body being found in a house that was for sale. A Marine Sergeant had been stabbed, and a hair was found at the scene. The man was found with a key to the house that he had used to enter, and it appeared that he had been killed by multiple stab wounds.

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Back at the autopsy, Jimmy was having trouble figuring out the blade that was used, but Nick said it could be one that he knew from South America. This again seemed like a heavy-handed reference to what we already knew was going to be a callback.

It was then that Kasie walked in to let Nick know that the strand of hair they had found at the murder scene had a familial match to his DNA. Bum, bum, bummmm.

Nick said that he was told his father had died, so that wasn’t even a consideration as the team started investigating who could have had ties to the sergeant, where the family members for Torres were currently living, or who might have wanted the Marine dead.

Meanwhile, Gibbs was shown doing chores around his house while his new dog watched on, but it was clear that he was only trying to find ways to pass the time. He had nearly completed his entire list of chores before 9 a.m. even hit on his clock.

Nick meets his father on NCIS

When following up a lead, McGee spotted someone suspicious, who in turn started running when McGee started going toward him. The man and McGee ended up in a wrestling match as Torres came upon them and ended it. It was then that the suspect recognized Nick and knew it was his son.

Actor Steven Bauer joined the NCIS cast as Miguel Torres, the father of Agent Nick Torres. McGee interrogated Miguel after they arrested him, but there was nothing to hold him on. Despite Nick saying that his father was likely lying about just looking to buy a house, it was likely that he was going to be released.

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Nick and Bishop investigated the place where Miguel had been staying and found some evidence that Miguel had been tracking the now dead Marine. They went back to question Miguel, who was not cooperating, leading to Nick getting physical with him.

Just then, Vance burst through the door and said Miguel was getting released. That shocking revelation hung in the air for a few seconds before CIA Agent Pamela Walsh came in to let them all know that Miguel Torres was working for them. It turned out that Miguel had been working for the CIA for years as a guy brought in to do special work that involved South America.

The episode shifted to investigating Retired Marine Sergeant Thomas Baird, who Miguel Torres had been trying to track. Vance and his NCIS team joined the chase, leading to Miguel and Nick working on the same side to solve the extensive case. Nick wanted off the case for personal reasons, but Vance convinced him to stay on while Gibbs was out.

More details came out later when we learned that Miguel had been working undercover and was about to be exposed when he left Panama in 1989 in order to protect his family (Nick and Nick’s mother). After that, he continued doing work that put him in harm’s way, keeping him away from his family. He let Nick know that he had sent money to the church that took care of him and his sister, that he had kept tabs on his kids over the years, and that he wasn’t perfect but that he did what he could to keep them safe.

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As would be expected, Nick and Miguel ended up working the case together, following leads that involved the suspect (Baird) abducting a bank manager. They located Baird, but his story was that he was being framed. He was. By CIA Agent Walsh (from earlier). Gunfire started ripping through the house, hitting Baird and killing the manager. Nick and Miguel carried him out the back and had to start taking out armed gunmen to survive the day.

In the final showdown, Miguel charged Walsh and took several shots to the chest as Nick threw a knife to take her down. It appeared that Miguel had been killed, but he was wearing his vest and survived. Nearly sacrificing himself for Nick got them on the same page.

A new chapter has been opened here, with the potential that Steven Bauer could show up on the NCIS cast again soon.

Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber chew scenery

Another scene between Gibbs and Marcie (the reporter) took place at the cafe, with sparks flying between the characters. It’s pretty easy to guess why, because Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber are married in real life.

Later, she stopped by his place to have Gibbs look over some material that she had started investigating. That’s going to impact a future episode of the show, so stay tuned for it to be referenced later in Season 18.

The episode ended with Nick showing up at Gibbs’ house as well – following his father ducking out of town without saying goodbye. The pair enjoyed some steak in silence as the credits rolled.

That brings an end to this NCIS recap of Sangre, but for readers who want to jump ahead, star Wilmer Valderrama revealed some hints about the season finale.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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