NCIS Misconduct: Sneak peeks give an interesting look at new episode

Gibbs and Vance NCIS
Vance has not been pleased with Gibbs during NCIS Season 18. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS Season 18, Episode 13 airs on Tuesday night and this new episode is called Misconduct.

The central focus of the new episode is that Parker James (played by Michael Rupnow) is on trial for conducting a Ponzi scheme that stole $30 million from Navy personnel.

Gibbs was the arresting officer in the case, and he is prepared to testify against James and everything he did. But there are going to be a few hiccups before that can all take place.

The great part about this episode is that fans should see more scenes involving Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon), as he has been largely benched during his suspension from NCIS. He is still suspended, but Gibbs wants to do the right thing by testifying to put James behind bars.

Elsewhere, McGee, Torres, and Gibbs are tasked with investigating the death of a biker who was killed in a hit and run. It’s good that Gibbs’ team is the primary one in the office again, but their thoughts will still be with their suspended boss as he is at the trial.

NCIS Misconduct airs Tuesday, May 4 on CBS

Below is a video that contains three clips from NCIS Season 18, Episode 13. It will air for the first time at 8/7c on Tuesday, May 4, and it will begin setting the tone for how the current season will finish up.

In the first scene, we are shown Bishop, Torres, and McGee in the office discussing the case that Gibbs is testifying in before they get the call about a body. It is followed by Gibbs speaking with the prosecutor at the court, and then the third scene has Gibbs and Vance having an important and dramatic discussion at the diner.

NCIS Season 18 finale coming up this month

As a quick reminder, the last episode of NCIS was called Sangre and it introduced everyone to the father of Agent Nick Torres. We may hear more from that character down the road, but it might not be until NCIS Season 19. The great news is that CBS ordered more episodes of the show, so we can look forward to its return in the fall of 2021.

Counting Misconduct, there are four new episodes left to air this season before the show goes on its summer hiatus. The NCIS season finale is scheduled for Tuesday, May 25, and it’s possible that the show goes out with a bang.

Star Wilmer Valderrama shared some set photos where the NCIS cast is filming the finale and it hints at a possible death on the show.

Make sure to tune in on Tuesday night for this new episode called Misconduct, especially since there are heavy hints that Gibbs is going to be risking his job by trying to testify in this case. By doing so, he would be opening himself up to questions about his suspension and why it took place. Could this all be setting the stage for Gibbs to retire from NCIS?

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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