NCIS fans want Dr. Palmer and Agent Knight to date, according to poll

NCIS Wedding
Palmer and Knight attended a wedding together in NCIS Season 19. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS fans taking part in a poll that was hosted by the show seem to want Dr. Jimmy Palmer and Agent Jessica Knight to start dating.

In the final two episodes of Season 18, actress Katrina Law joined the cast as NCIS REACT special agent Jessica Knight. Her team ended up dying in an explosion, leading to her coming over to the team run by Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

And during Season 19, Knight has remained a special agent on the team, even though her boss is now Alden Parker (played by Gary Cole). Gibbs retired to Alaska, though fans hope he will eventually make a return to the show.

Recently, sparks have started to surface between Knight and Palmer (played by Brian Dietzen). There was even an intense sub-story on the latest episode, where they expressed feelings for one another, even while they were on the run from some bad guys.

NCIS fans weigh in on Palmer, Knight relationship

A poll was posted on social media by the people behind NCIS, asking a simple question of fans of the show. It led to quite a few people weighing in on whether or not Palmer and Knight should try dating.

An overwhelming 71 percent of the respondents voted for the duo to try dating, while 29 percent went with the pair just staying friends. That friendship is also something that came up on NCIS Season 19, Episode 20, as neither one wanted to ruin it by complicating matters.

NCIS Season 19 finale is coming up

There are some intriguing NCIS spoilers about the season finale that have been released ahead of the May 23 episode, suggesting it’s going to be a really big night for the show. That might be a really exciting way for the show’s spring episodes to come to a close.

And ahead of the Season 19 finale, actor Sean Murray (he plays Agent Timothy McGee) teased the possible return of Gibbs, which definitely got fans of the show buzzing again.

So far, the NCIS ratings for the new timeslot have been really good for the drama. The switch to 9/8c on Mondays from 8/7c on Tuesday nights may have been difficult for some fans to get used to, but millions of people are still tuning in each week.

Now, we can all look forward to NCIS Season 20 beginning in the fall, and until then, all previous episodes can be streamed using Paramount+.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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