Michael Strahan appears on GMA as co-hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos are replaced in line-up

michael strahan face shot from good morning america
Michael Strahan appeared on the latest GMA without his main co-hosts. Pic credit: ABC

The Presidents’ Day episode of Good Morning America featured just one of three familiar faces at the desk.

For the program, viewers were greeted by Michael Strahan, who typically hadn’t appeared on Mondays due to working on the opposite coast.

Strahan appeared amid his daughter Isabella’s recent health situation, which has involved her starting chemotherapy.

Meanwhile, Strahan’s primary co-hosts, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos, were not there.

Viewers saw Eva Pilgrim and DeMarco Morgan as replacements for the GMA hosts.

“Good morning, America,” Michael said, adding, “It is good to have Eva and DeMarco here with me on this Presidents’ Day.”

Michael is back at work amid his daughter’s recovery

Monsters and Critics reported about Strahan’s week away from GMA to spend time with family in North Carolina, as he attended a basketball game at Duke University with one of his 19-year-old twin daughters, Sophia, and his girlfriend, Kayla Quick.

At that time, Strahan’s other twin daughter, Isabella, was getting prepared for chemotherapy as part of her continued recovery from a brain cancer tumor she had successfully removed late last year.

She’s shared updates on her YouTube channel in a vlog dedicated to her health journey.

Strahan didn’t appear in any of her video footage during that update, but it included Sophia, Kayla, and other family there to support Isabella.

More recently, she shared another update vlog about starting chemotherapy, indicating that “Everything hurts” during the early rounds of treatments.

Near the end of the video, Strahan appeared seated at home on a couch with his daughters as they enjoyed the new Apple Vision Pro device.

Where were Robin and George for GMA?

Neither Roberts nor Stephanopoulos shared any details about their whereabouts for Monday’s episode.

Both were also recently absent from social media, as Stephanopoulos last shared a promotional post about his new book, The Situation Room.

Roberts last posted four days ago on her official Instagram page. She shared a morning message and prayer video before her absence from GMA.

“Whether we show it or not, we are all fighting some sort of battle,” Roberts stated as part of the message.

“Don’t let the day go by without encouraging someone,” Roberts said as part of her message.

Roberts often shares messages like the one above, along with a prayer to help others with struggles or challenges they might have in their lives.

However, she didn’t allude to whether something was going on personally that might take her away from Good Morning America on Monday.

It’s also possible that Roberts and Stephanopoulos were given a vacation day, so they took a three-day weekend along with Presidents Day.

As of this writing, it’s unclear if they’ll return to the GMA desk on Tuesday or later.

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