Let’s Make a Deal host Wayne Brady tells contestant ‘You have a problem’ during big on-stage moment

wayne brady face shot as host of lets make a deal on cbs
Host Wayne Brady during an episode of Let’s Make a Deal. Pic credit: CBS

Contestants can experience some stressful events and decisions during game shows, as they have to test their skills or hope for luck to go their way.

Viewers saw it during an episode of The Price Is Right, as one contestant achieved fortune by spinning the big Wheel after losing an SUV.

Another contestant wowed viewers with impressive bidding skills during the Showcase Showdown.

During CBS’ Let’s Make a Deal, contestants also test their skills and luck as they weigh their options for potential prizes.

One game on the popular game show featured a contestant testing her luck by rolling the dice and deciding whether to continue for bigger prizes or walk away.

It even had host Wayne Brady telling the woman, “You have a problem,” during her on-stage moments.

Wayne says Let’s Make a Deal contestant has ‘a problem’

During the recent Let’s Make a Deal episode, a contestant named Jolene in a birthday cupcake costume, received an offer of $10,000 from the show’s host.

However, announcer Johnathan Gray added that she had to win Tic-Tac-Toe. That involved her rolling a pair of dice to match numbers in spots on the gameboard.

“I’ll give you $1,000 right now to walk away,” Wayne told her during one moment.

The woman said she was going to keep going. She had more rolls of the dice, and the offers from Wayne increased.

He said she could take $2,000 to walk away and then offered $3,000 so she “could do something nice” for herself.

“As tempting as that is… I think I want to roll,” she told the host.

“I think our session’s over now,” Wayne told her but then stopped her.

“Before you roll those dice…May I?” he said, taking them from her.

“This is an act of trust. I’m gonna take the dice from you. You have a problem,” he told her.

That’s because Wayne increased the offer to $4,000, the highest yet, which seemed to leave the woman momentarily contemplating taking his deal.

“I think I’m gonna roll,” she revealed, with Wayne telling her she had one roll left.

That was a wise and profitable move on her part, as she rolled five and achieved a Tic-Tac-Toe with her X’s on the board.

“Happy Birthday, Cupcake!” Wayne told her as she celebrated the exciting moment.

Brady and Let’s Make a Deal returning to primetime

CBS recently revealed that Wayne, Jonathan, and model Tiffany Coyne would return on primetime this summer.

An announcement arrived sharing the premiere details for Let’s Make a Deal Primetime and other summer shows coming to CBS.

Among them are the reality TV show Big Brother 26, Tulsa King, and The Real CSI: Miami.

Wayne appears in a still shot from Let’s Make a Deal in an Instagram carousel post featuring actor Sylvester Stallone and TV host Julie Chen Moonves.

According to Parade, Let’s Make a Deal Primetime officially returns on Wednesday, August 7, with the fourth season of the show’s primetime version.

Wayne has hosted the CBS daytime game show since 2009, and it appears he has no problem finding additional work.

In addition to hosting the popular show, he’s appearing in a revival of The Wiz. He’ll also appear on Wayne Brady: The Family Remix, a family reality series coming to Freeform in July.

Let’s Make a Deal Primetime premieres Wednesday, August 7 at 8/7c on CBS.

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