Let’s Make a Deal contestant tells Wayne Brady ‘I can slap you’ in bizarre ‘fight reel’ segment

lets make a deal host wayne brady face shot
Host Wayne Brady was involved in a “fight scene” during Let’s Make a Deal. Pic credit: CBS

Wayne Brady is known for his wacky and sometimes wild improv segments on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which often helps him at other gigs.

One of those other gigs is the popular game show Let’s Make a Deal, which has Brady as the host.

He recently experienced a bizarre exchange with a contestant on the show who said she would “slap” him.

Brady was asking for it, though, as he said he wanted to try some “choreography” with the woman.

The result was the woman telling him, “I’m so sorry,” and Brady acted like he was in pain.

The recent game show highlight arrived after a Drew Carey highlight from The Price Is Right featured him accidentally slapping a contestant’s face.

Let’s Make a Deal contestant asked Brady, ‘Do you want to fight me?’

Brady called down a female contestant, whom he referred to as “Black Swan,” to join him on stage. The Let’s Make a Deal contestant, Lilia, wore a black feather dress and headpiece. She appeared to be wearing a flapper or showgirl costume.

She told everyone she was a martial arts stunt choreographer.

“Wanna fight?” she asked as she got into a mock fighting stance.

After hearing what she did, Brady asked her to reenact a “fight scene” with him.

She explained that he could “kick her” but not “touch her.” No fake kicks occurred, and the woman told Brady, “I can slap you.”

She instructed him to stand a certain way so the camera could get the right angle.

The contestant then fake-slapped the game show host, who turned his head and exclaimed, “Ow,” as if he had been struck.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” the woman said, fake crying as she acted out the scene.

“It’s okay,” Brady replied before asking, “Did it look real?”

“So real,” the show’s announcer Jonathan Mangum said.

“That’s going on our fight reel. Yeah!” Brady said as he high-fived the contestant.

“Who knew Let’s Make A Deal was so physical!!” the IG post’s caption said.

A bit later, Let’s Make a Deal’s model Tiffany Coyne reenacted the fake slap in a funny bit with Brady while talking to him on a soup can phone. She told him to turn his head a bit when she went to hit him and gave him another fake slap.

That soup can phone was inside an expensive purse that Lilia initially won, worth over $1,700. However, she decided to go for Curtain No. 3, which had a new furniture set, much to her delight.

While Brady’s interaction was fake for fun and laughs with a contestant, The Price Is Right had a real slap, although accidental.

The inadvertent slap happened while a contestant was about to exit the stage after spinning the wheel and going over $1.00 for her two spins.

After Drew had said goodbye, he turned to talk to the next contestant for her spin. Drew moved his hand toward the next contestant in line but accidentally slapped the other woman across her face.

It knocked the woman’s glasses off and caused Drew and the nearby contestants to ensure she was OK.

Drew apologized several times before ushering the contestant off stage to keep the show moving.

Some viewers called out the game show and its host for the incident, while others laughed it off – which, so far, appears to be what the contestant did!

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