The Price Is Right host Drew Carey apologizes to contestant after hitting her face in mishap

drew carey face shot at the 49th Daytime Emmys Awards in pasadena california
The Price Is Right host Drew Carey during the 49th Daytime Emmy Awards. Pic credit: ©

Sometimes, random accidents happen during the filming of television shows, and they appear during the televised episodes.

While curse words or other incidents are generally censored or removed from network TV footage, sometimes other random occurrences make it into shows.

That was the case for a recent installment of the popular game show The Price Is Right.

During the episode, one contestant joked with Drew Carey that he was “scared for [his] life” while on stage, and another contestant got hit across the face.

The host’s accidental slap knocked a pair of glasses off the woman’s face.

It left Carey apologizing heavily to The Price Is Right contestant after the accidental slap.

Carey apologizes for ‘slapping’ a Price Is Right contestant

While many games on The Price Is Right feature guessing products’ prices, another popular segment has three contestants, each getting to spin the wheel.

That wheel features numbers from 5 to 100, representing monetary amounts. The contestant who achieves the highest number, closest to or on 100, in two spins is going to the Showcase Showdown. 

If a contestant lands on 100, they win a cash prize on the spot. If they do it a second time, it’s another cash prize paid right then.

A recent episode featured a contestant named Hilary in a pink sweatshirt which mentioned Drew Carey on it. After previously going on stage, she was back to try her luck at the wheel. Unfortunately, she went over 100 in her two spins.

After Carey shook her hand before she exited the stage, he turned to talk to the next contestant spinning the wheel.

As he told the next contestant to go to the wheel, he raised his hand to bring the contestant over but inadvertently smacked Hilary, who was still standing nearby.

The slap across her face knocked her red glasses off, and Carey and the two contestants immediately turned to see if she was alright.

A clip from the moment popped up on YouTube, which added a sound effect for the face smack.

“Oh, sorry! Jeez, sorry,” Carey said as he touched the contestant’s shoulder.

Luckily, Hilary laughed about it and didn’t seem upset by the mishap as she exited the stage.

“So sorry. I’m just flailing away,” Carey joked before the next contestant had her spin.

Viewers reacted to The Price Is Right ‘slap’

A Reddit user shared a clip from The Price Is Right showing the incident. Their post was titled “Drew slaps contestant in the face!”

Commenters reacted to the “slap,” with some saying it wasn’t a big deal or was funny.

“Well he did say sorry. Nothing major,” one commenter wrote, with another replying, “Yep, just a happy little accident.”

Another noted that “Having your glasses knocked off your face is never not clumsy and embarrassing.”

screenshot of reddit comments about drew carey accidental slap on price is right
Pic credit: @christopherMTLvideos/

However, others called out the show or Carey for what happened to the woman.

“She should have been given a car for compensation,” a commenter wrote.

Another blasted the show’s host, saying Carey was “only mildly apologetic considering what it was.”

“Once again, he literally can’t do his job properly. Long overdue for a replacement – since his 1st day, actually,” the commenter wrote.

screenshot shows reddit commenters reacting to drew carey slap on the price is right
Pic credit: @christopherMTLvideos/

Carey, 65, has hosted The Price Is Right since 2007, taking over for Bob Barker when he retired.

During Carey’s time as host, the game show was nominated for 10 Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Game Show between 2007 and 2019 and won the award in 2013, 2016, and 2018.

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1 month ago

Oh, for Heaven’s sake people, get a life. The world is in chaos, but Drew accidentally hit the woman in her face, and that upset people? He didn’t “slap” her, it was just an accident. Look for something really important, then b____ about that. Or, even better, go do something that is really important. Lastly, Drew is awesome, which wasn’t easy when he took over for beloved Bob. But, he has really come in to his own, and, if he bothers you so much, use that helpful button on the remote. It’s called the power button.

1 month ago

The contestant should have already walked off stage she was finished with her spin! Drew rocks!

Laura Collins
Laura Collins
1 month ago

I don’t think it was done intentionally but they could have offered her something for her compensation not a car but something a little extra..

1 month ago

The lady should not had be standing where she was. Drew did not need to do anything but been the type of man he is he did!!!

Gwendolyn Scott
Gwendolyn Scott
1 month ago

I don’t see what the problem is you can see it truly was a accident and he did say sorry right away people need to stop making more out of it.

Chris Overton
Chris Overton
1 month ago

It was a accident he apologized so let it be. The lady said she was ok so he didn’t do it on purpose