The Price Is Right contestant tells Drew Carey ‘I’m scared for my life right now’ on stage

drew carey from the price is right
The Price Is Right host Drew Carey has interactions with many contestants. Pic credit: CBS

Some find it scary to get on stage in front of a studio audience for a national TV game show and compete for big prizes.

While The Price Is Right games aren’t life or death, the pressure is on as people try to win big money, new cars, and other exciting prizes.

It’s an exciting prospect, but stage fright or fear of failure often adds to a contestant’s nerves during the games.

However, one contestant admitted to host Drew Carey he was “scared for [his] life” upon getting on stage.

The show host likely hasn’t encountered many contestants who have admitted such fear, so he did his best to calm the man down.

That contestant had good reason for his fear: Someone was watching him nearby, and he didn’t want to mess up.

Drew calms down a scared contestant on The Price Is Right

After estimating an item’s price better than his fellow contestants, Davion got on stage with Drew to compete for prizes.

“Congratulations,” Drew told him after they hugged, “You made it, first one up!”

“I’m scared for my life right now,” he told Drew as they chuckled.

“There’s nothing to be scared about. You win, you don’t. You’re still a good person when you walked in. It doesn’t matter,” the host told him.

However, Davion had another funny response: “I’m just not trying to embarrass my wife right now.”

“I think it’s way too late for that,” Drew joked back.

“Oh, she looks fine,” Drew said after the man pointed out his wife in the audience.

“Did you make any threats on the way here?” Drew asked her, getting a laugh from the crowd as she shook her head.

Following the humorous exchange, the pressure was on. Davion got to play the popular game Plinko for a chance at some significant money.

Scared contestant faced the pressure of Plinko and more

In The Price Is Right game Plinko, contestants can win a good bit of cash, but it involves the luck of the drop.

First, contestants must correctly place the digits in the right spots for the prices of small prizes. For each one they get right, they earn a Plinko chip.

Once they’ve earned their chips, they drop them into the Plinko board one at a time. The chips fall to a spot on the bottom of the board, with each spot worth a cash amount from $0 to $10,000.

Contestants can win as much as $50,000 on the game by earning five Plinko chips.

Davion correctly identified the digit spots in four items’ prices, earning four out of five chips.

His first drop resulted in a dreaded buzzer as his chip landed in the $0 spot on the board. His next three Plinko drops were much better, including a $10,000 drop and two $1,000 drops for $12,000.

“A couple hundred for the wife,” Drew joked as Davion celebrated his win, and the crowd cheered him on.

And in a spoiler alert, Davion definitely didn’t disappoint his wife. He later qualified for the Showcase Showdown and won more prizes, including a new car, with his wife getting to celebrate the win on stage with him.

The couple commented on The Price Is Right’s Instagram video clip, with Davion admitting he was “scared to death” but had an “awesome experience.” He also praised “the wonderful staff at @therealpriceisright.”

screenshot of comments from the price is right contestant and wife after winning on game show
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

“He sure didn’t embarrass me. Thank you guys for an awesome experience. We had such a great time!” Davion’s wife commented.

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