Here’s what Michael Weatherly said about his NCIS return

Michael Weatherly Walking Red Carpet
The NCIS cast welcomed back Michael Weatherly after a long absence. Pic credit: ©

NCIS fans enjoyed the long-awaited return of Michael Weatherly.

The former NCIS star played Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo before moving on to other projects, but he returned for the Ducky tribute episode.

Actor David McCallum passed away during the hiatus, forcing the writers to end the run of Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard.

Michael shared many scenes with David during his years on NCIS, and the producers needed to add some brevity to an emotional episode.

Having DiNozzo back with his unique sense of humor was perfect for the show. But it has also led to fans wanting more.

Not everyone could return for the big night. Here’s why Mark Harmon didn’t film new Gibbs scenes.

Michael Weatherly speaks about his NCIS return

Social media users have seen Michael tease an NCIS return for several years. He has frequently noted that he wasn’t finished playing DiNozzo.

It turns out that Michael likely already knew he would be filming the Ducky tribute episode when he recently told his followers he had plans for DiNozzo.

And yet it was still a surprise when he surfaced at the end of the episode. The cast, crew, writers, and producers did a great job maintaining the secret appearance.

“Being back on #NCIS was truly Amazing,” Michael wrote in a new social media post.

He thanked Brian Dietzen, CBS, and the NCIS Universe for letting him do it.

Brian plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer and helped write the Ducky tribute episode. It was a fitting way to say goodbye to David McCallum because Brian had shared so many scenes with him.

“Seeing everyone behind the camera was a box of treasure: one glorious shining jewel was @DanielaRuah who is directing up a storm!” Michael finished his post on X (formerly Twitter).

Daniela Ruah starred as NCIS Agent Kensi Blye on the NCIS: Los Angeles cast. But she caught the directing bug and has been behind the camera for episodes of NCIS: LA, NCIS, and NCIS: Hawai’i now.

Michael Weatherly teases another NCIS return – possibly with ‘a certain Chilean’

Many NCIS fans commented on Michael’s NCIS return – with several hoping he will be back soon.

“I hope whatever work you have in progress, involves a certain Chilean. I miss you guys onscreen! Miss the chemistry and magic you both create,” wrote one NCIS fan.

They are referring to actress Cote de Pablo, who played NCIS Agent Ziva David on the show.

“The universe works in mysterious ways,” Michael responded, giving everyone hope for a Ziva return.

Michael Weatherly Tweets NCIS
Michael Weatherly chats with fans about NCIS. Pic credit: @M_Weatherly/X

More from the NCIS Universe

NCIS cast members shared their favorite moments with David McCallum. It was a touching remembrance of the man who played Ducky.

Additional set photos of Tony DiNozzo’s return were also revealed. A fun one features Tony and Agent Timothy McGee (played by Sean Murray) hanging out in the bullpen again.

Previous episodes of NCIS are available for streaming on Paramount+

NCIS airs Monday at 9/8c on CBS.

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1 month ago

I do not want DiNozzo back he’s an “butt head” and bad for the his MEAN since Of Humor is just that Mean!