GMA’s Robin Roberts snubs former co-worker Amy Robach on birthday following TJ Holmes affair

good morning america stars robin roberts and amy robach face shots
Robin Roberts may have snubbed Amy Robach on a special day. Pic credit: ABC

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts used to be amongst Amy Robach’s colleagues and friends, but that may no longer be true.

Robach and co-host TJ Holmes were fired from ABC over a year ago after media reports surfaced about what was deemed a scandalous affair between the coworkers.

They’ve since started their Amy & T.J. Podcast, where they delve into topics about their extramarital affair, relationship, and resulting drama from over a year ago.

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During some of their early episodes, they spoke about their support groups: family, friends, and former co-workers.

While it appears Robach remained friends with some of her friends from ABC, including Sara Haines, her friendship with GMA’s Robin Roberts may not be intact.

What might have been a recent snub of Robach’s birthday by Roberts could indicate further that this is the case.

Amy Robach received love from friends for her milestone birthday

On Tuesday, Robach officially celebrated a milestone birthday as she turned 50. The former GMA3 co-anchor and host didn’t share any specifics about parties or surprises on her Instagram page.

However, Robach shared some of the birthday wishes and love she’d received from friends on her IG Story.

In an IG Story photo, Robach poses with three friends for a night out. A photo directly below it shows Robach and friends during what appears to have been a marathon, exercise session, or other running event.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! @ajrobach,” a friend posted on IG, along with a birthday cake emoji.

“Thank you Amber,” Robach wrote with a heart emoji on the slide.

screenshot shows amy robach with friends from instagram story birthday message from friend
Amy Robach with friends in an IG Story post celebrating her birthday. Pic credit: @ajrobach/Instagram

Another slide in her story featured a video clip of Robach dancing at a wedding that a friend sent to celebrate Robach’s birthday.

“Happy birthday to that friend that will keep dancing with you even after the guests are gone,” Robach’s friend wrote, including a “Happy Birthday” sticker.

“Love you,” Robach wrote with her friend’s initials, “JK.”

screenshot from amy robach instagram story video slide where she dances at a friends wedding
Instagram Story screenshot of video as Amy Robach dances at a friend’s wedding. Pic credit: @ajrobach/Instagram

Did Roberts and others snub Robach on her birthday?

While there were slides from several of Robach’s friends, there was no mention or celebration of Robach’s birthday on her former co-worker Robin Roberts’ Instagram. It’s unclear if Roberts might have reached out privately via text or social media message to wish Robach a happy 50th birthday.

It’s worth noting that Sarah Haines, TJ Holmes, Michael Strahan, and others that Robach knows from ABC didn’t share any birthday wishes on social media, but those could have been private messages, too.

Robach and Holmes recently defended their friend Strahan on their podcast as they defended him from critical headlines and comments attacking his hosting on Fox for the NFC Championship Game’s trophy presentation to the San Francisco 49ers.

Regarding Roberts and Robach’s situation, Robach wasn’t among the guests at Roberts’ wedding last year to girlfriend Amber Laign, while Strahan and other colleagues from ABC attended. Unidentified and unsubstantiated sources said to be close to the matter indicated Robach was furious over the snub.

The former ABC co-workers bonded over Roberts’ encouraging Robach to get screened for breast cancer, which led to a diagnosis and early treatment for Robach in 2013.

In late 2022, headlines suggested a scandalous affair involving GMA3 co-hosts Robach and Holmes, eventually leading to their termination at ABC. Some speculation may have arrived that Roberts decided to cut ties with Robach after the extramarital affair news.

Roberts and Robach’s friendship status came up as a fan question during an early episode of the Amy & T.J. Podcast, which debuted in December 2023.

“Did Robin Roberts and others abandon y’all and cut contact?” Robach indicated one fan asked.

“We initially received nothing but support. I think we have texts to back that up,” Robach said, adding, “When we went back to work those first two days, my dressing room was filled with love and support. I will say that. There was immediate and initial support.”

Robach specifically named Sara Haines as someone she’s still friends with, but she hinted that some of their colleagues and friends may have cut ties.

“Not everyone abandoned us. We got a lot of follow-up texts. I don’t know how people feel about being aligned with us now,” she said, mentioning, “I actually feel like I wanna be careful about who we say continues to support us.”

“But we have a lot of support from our former coworkers,” Robach said during the podcast.

She and Holmes have continued dating since news of their extramarital affair hit the headlines in late 2022 and into 2023. While Holmes was not among those who posted birthday messages for his girlfriend, it’s possible they celebrated privately, away from the spotlight.

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I think that’s terrible. People are too judgey. Your life should be your own. And people that claim to be your friend and then treat u badly. Your love life is yours and only your. You should not be judged on it.