Here’s why Sara Haines yelled at Joy Behar on The View

Sara Haines and Joy Behar at different events.
Sara Haines yelled at Joy Behar today on The View. Pic credit: © Sonia Moskowitz/Globevia ZUMA Wire/Adam

This week, the morning talk show circuit saw a good bit of violence when Larry David hit Elmo, the muppet, live on The Today Show.

It started with a viral tweet where the muppet asked how everyone was doing. Then, during a segment on The Today Show with Elmo and Larry David crossing paths, Larry David acted outrageously.

Live on The Today Show, Larry did a bit where he accosted Elmo, and people got mad. Larry was made to apologize for the actions.

It isn’t known if this skit was planned or just something impromptu that Larry did to gain attention for his show, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

It gained enough attention that the ladies on The View covered the heated topic. This even caused division amongst the ladies as Joy Behar defended Larry David.

Then all this violence ended with Sara Haines yelling at Joy Behar live on The View, as seen on the clip posted by The View on their Instagram page.

Sara Haines yelled at Joy Behar over her calling Elmo a puppet

Joy couldn’t stop laughing as she described what Larry David did to Elmo on the show.

She couldn’t get over the fact that people were upset that a puppet got hit. “It’s a puppet, folks!” Joy said. Sara yelled at Joy over the misnamed Elmo. “It’s a muppet!” Sara yelled a couple of times at Joy.

Sara hit Joy in the shoulder and yelled to the audience, “There’s a difference, isn’t there a difference!” Sara was very intense during this debate. Joy stood by her stance. A man put his hand up Elmo, making him a puppet.

Alyssa Farah Griffin got into the mix by trying to explain to Joy how beloved Elmo is, and all Joy could respond was, “It’s a puppet.”

This isn’t the first time that Sara has gotten intense on The View. Recently, she asked Common if he was dating Whoopi Goldberg, almost causing a scandal.

Then Sara got into a verbal fight with Ana Navarro over Martin Luther King Day on the show when she voiced the opinion that children should be made to feel bad over the country’s racist history and slavery.

The ladies on The View and fans respond on Instagram over Elmo- puppet or muppet

Alyssa posted on The View’s Instagram page declaring, “HE’S A MUPPET!!!” Then Sara jumped in, “YES, GIRL, HE IS!!!!!” That post was worth five exclamation points to Sara; she is that upset over Joy’s calling Elmo a puppet.

Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sara Haines respond on Instagram about Elmo
Pic credit: @theviewabc/Instagram

Other fans voiced their opinions that Elmo is “not just a muppet.” And others are firmly, “TEAM ELMO!!” Everyone agreed that Larry David was inappropriate, even if Elmo is not a person.

Fans of Elmo and The View respond on Instagram
Pic credit: @theviewabc/Instagram

Almost everyone, Joy Behar aside, can agree that Elmo is a beloved member of Sesame Street, and no one should insult or hit him. Ever.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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23 days ago

I just can’t watch puppets. I do make exceptions for the Muppets, it to me, they are still puppets. Uppers is just the brand. The View isn’t a children’s show and they shouldn’t be watching it. I didn’t see it. It reading about it make me laugh. I agree with Joy and Larry David, who I’ve never seen his show. It’s a puppet