The View’s Sara Haines and Ana Navarro spar over MLK Day comment

Sara Haines and Ana Navarro on The View
Sara Haines and Ana Navarro got into a tense altercation on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Today is the day the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Day, commemorating Dr. King’s life and work.

The View devoted the whole episode to the holiday in a pre-recorded presentation. The ladies all had today off from filming and, hopefully, will be back tomorrow with a fresh episode.

This is a surprising move because the show received negative feedback over the holiday break, with so many shows that were reruns.

Despite being such a thought-provoking learning opportunity, celebrating Martin Luther King Day (MLK Day), some of the ladies on The View used it as a time to argue.

Sunny Hostin gave an impassioned speech that Ana Navarro took fault with almost immediately. “There’s more to it than that,” Ana was heard saying.

As Sara Haines tried to bring up points, Ana also went after her during the hot topic segment.

Ana Navarro takes issue with Sara Haine’s comment about MLK

Ana, upset with Sunny’s speech, went on a rant saying that politicians have weaponized black history. “That’s ridiculous. Learning about history should not make anybody feel bad—” she continued.

Sara said, “It should make you feel bad…”

“No!” Ana Navarro interjected.

Sara tried to finish her thought, “But it’s important that it makes you feel bad.”

Fans have called Sara out for acting like a victim, but today, she was trying to be heard over Ana’s anger.

Ana was having none of it and pushed back at Sara, explaining that it shouldn’t make any child feel inadequate and that “I think we need to learn history so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes about history.”

The entire clip can be seen below.

Sunny Hostin defends the show being pretaped

Sunny went on the podcast The View: Behind the Table, which executive producer Brian Teta hosts.

During the episode, Brian mentioned that the show was taped on Thursday, and Sunny responded with her thoughts.

Sunny feels Martin Luther King Day is a “day of service.” She explained that serving others is what she does with her family. It was acceptable to her that the show was pretaped and the ladies could use the day as they saw fit.

She also told Brian that it is nice to be asked what guests they should have on the show during the holiday. The topic this year was politics and how it plays into race.

The show this year featured actor Colman Domingo, the New York 9th City Council District Representative Yusef Salaam, and Nichelle Lewis from The Wiz.

Sunny could get her speech out on the podcast without Ana interrupting her. Brian was thoughtful and asked meaningful questions without any fighting.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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