The View fans are upset with the ‘old news’ and lack of current events

Whoopi Goldberg at a random event.
Fans are upset at Whoopi Goldberg’s show, The View, during their hiatus. Pic credit: ©

It may surprise some fans that the episodes of The View being shown this week are not new.

Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow panelists on The View are on Christmas break until January 2024.

This is good news for some, like Joy Behar. She has been down with COVID-19 since last week, and the popular fill-in guest host, Yvette Nicole Brown, took her seat.

Other ladies, like Ana Navarro, are having time at home getting ready for the holidays. Ana seems to be having fun while forgetting who Meghan McCain is or that she was on The View.

Ana cheekily responded to a fan after she shaded a past co-host about using their family name to gain influence, or in other words, use nepotism to get ahead.

A fan mentioned Meghan, and Ana responded, “Who?” It was as if Ana never heard of Senator John McCain’s daughter.

This week, fans are crying foul on The View airing old shows

Fans noticed that the episodes this week were from September and November, even though we are in December now.

On Reddit, a viewer questioned whether The View even announced that they were on hiatus for the remainder of the year.

Fans on Reddit sound off about The View
Fans on Reddit sound off about The View. Pic credit: @u/Jenna7979/Reddit

Then, others started to respond. One user said in part, “Watching them discuss old news has me immediately switching channels.”

Fans of The View post on Reddit about their feelings over reruns.
Fans of The View post on Reddit about their feelings over reruns. Pic credit: @u/Can1girl,@u/sugarmollyrose/Reddit

Another fan asked for something innovative and fun. They want The View to “rerun the older shows, not from this season, but back in the first few seasons before they became the majority hot topics.”

Fans on Reddit were not the only ones to voice their concerns. Users on X, formerly known as Twitter, were upset, too.

A fan on X is upset over the lack of new shows on The View.
A fan on X is upset over The View’s lack of new shows. Pic Credit: @LibraAbsolut/X

One X user quickly posted two posts, “Today’s show is from November 1, 2023!!!” and then, “When do we get LIVE episodes again yall?”

Sunny Hostin shared with Brian Teta, ‘I do like a party’

Before the crew broke for the season, Sunny Hostin sat with Brian Teta on his podcast, The View: Behind the Table.

She shared that the crew holiday party the night before was “overserved and maybe underfed.” She chatted with Brian about the party and that maybe it was not a good idea to have it in the middle of the week.

The ladies on The View filmed several small Christmas activities they had during the week and shared them on Instagram.

Sunny and Brian continued to talk about exchanging gifts with the crew members, and Sunny said, “I do like a party.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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