Whoopi Goldberg jokes about Joy Behar’s absence on The View: ‘Who cares?’

Whoopi Goldberg Smiles For The Camera
Whoopi Goldberg joked about Joy Behar’s absence on the show. Pic credit: ©

Joy Behar has been out sick from The View since Tuesday of this past week. The ladies have had to scramble to fill in for her since she is an essential part of the show.

Despite not getting COVID-19 even as her co-workers, including Whoopi Goldberg, got it, she is out with it now.

Whoopi announced on the show that Joy had taken ill and would be out the week as Yvette Nicole Brown, the actress, filled in for the missing co-host.

The last new show of 2023 was taped this past week, so fans will not see new footage of Joy until the show returns in 2024, after the busy holiday season.

This is not the first time that COVID-19 has affected the ladies. According to PEOPLE, Sara Haines was quarantined after a close call, and Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin had false positives.

Whoopi had to miss the 27th season premiere of The View earlier this fall because of COVID-19.

Whoopi, filling in for a sick Joy Behar, mocks her with a joke

This busy holiday season is a terrible time for Joy to be ill and miss the show. With Yvette’s help, the ladies have filled in for Joy during her usual segments.

The ladies showed their gift ideas this past week, and Sunny Hostin had to throw Joy’s part to Whoopi.

Sunny had just shown her new book, Summer on Sag Harbor, as a good gift in a moment of blatant self-promotion. Sunny told the viewers, “Up next is Joy.”

She continued, “But since she’s not here, the acclaimed actor, and Oscar-winner, and EGOT Whoopi Goldberg…”

Whoopi popped up from behind the set, telling Sunny to “Stretch, stretch it.”

Sunny finished…”Will be playing Joy.”

This set Whoopi up to mock the ill Joy by mimicking her New York accent. Whoopi said, “So what? Who cares?” Just like Joy would say it.

Whoopi continued the segment by discussing a naughty notebook collection named “WTF.”

The clip can be seen below.

The ladies get Whoopi back by ‘jingling’ her

The ladies on The View have started a tradition of “jingling” each other. It is a game where you decorate someone’s area with Christmas gifts as a surprise.

Then, they have to “jingle” someone else, and so on.

Whoopi opened the segment by saying, “What the h*** is all this?” and looking at the table before her.

Ana explained to the group that Joy had “jingled” her and left her pictures of Gerry Turner from The Golden Bachelor since everyone knew how much she did not want to discuss that show.

Ana Navarro then showed off a door hanger that said, “Ho Ho Ho,” like Santa Claus would say. Ana explained that she thought it was a Christmas decoration, but Sara Haines said it was a “name tag” instead.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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