Ana Navarro admits that she’d be the one crying over The Golden Bachelor

Ana Navarro on The View
Ana Navarro on The View Pic Credit ABC

The Golden Bachelor has often been a topic on The View. Most of the ladies are excited the subject comes up.

The idea of an older gentleman looking for love, though, has sparked much debate among the ladies of The View.

Gerry Turner, the star of The Golden Bachelor, is 72 years old, and the ladies he is dating on the hit show range from 60-75.

People of that age are full of life experiences and are less afraid to show emotion, as evidenced on the latest episode of The Golden Bachelor.

Gerry Turner is seen crying in the clip shown on The View depicting a rose ceremony, where the bachelor gives roses to the ladies remaining on the show.

No rose means you go home and have no hope of a relationship with Gerry. The ladies, were crying and emotional, whether they had a rose or not.

Joy Behar on The Golden Bachelor: ‘The best part of the show is the women made friends’

Joy Behar loved seeing the emotional women making friends with each other even though they were in fierce competition over what could be the man of their dreams, Gerry Turner.

The ladies on The View began to discuss the crying. As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, Sunny Hostin felt as if she needed “intense therapy.” The crying made her very uncomfortable.

Others, including Sara Haines, loved the scene. Alyssa Navarro said, “I loved Gerry, all those tears. Adorable.”

Ana was having none of it at all. She is over the subject of The Golden Bachelor.

Just the topic of The Golden Bachelor triggered Ana Navarro

“I’m going to be the one crying if we keep talking about The Bachelor,” Ana whined. She believed that Brian Teta, The View’s executive producer, loved to torture her each week over this show.

Alyssa brought up another hit show, Naked and Afraid. This competition drops people off with no food, water, or clothes.

Just the thought of this show caused Joy to quip, “I want to see The Naked Golden Bachelor.” This had to bring up bad memories for Sunny Hostin, especially since the crying made her uncomfortable.

Sunny previously called the opening sequence of The Golden Bachelor “thirsty and undignified.” The View never disappoints with the varying opinions of the ladies.

Some love the show and cannot get enough, and others, like Ana, cry over the idea of having to talk about it. She went as far as to say she’d “Rather be thrown over the wall” in a reference to the border crisis they spoke about just before The Golden Bachelor segment.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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