Whoopi Goldberg teases retirement plans — Is she leaving The View?

Whoopi Goldberg
Is Whoopi Goldberg going to retire? Pic credit: ©

Whoopi Goldberg is often away from her seat as moderator of The View.

The longtime host is a fan favorite; viewers tend to notice when she is absent. Everyone asks where she is and when will she be back.

This season on The View, she has been away after testing positive for COVID-19. Whoopi missed the whole premier week. And she is already off on Fridays.

Recently, she was visibly absent for most of the week. Joy Behar had to step in and run the show, much to her frustration.

Joy acted irritated when guests like David Blaine asked about Whoopi’s whereabouts, snapping that everyone would find out why on Monday.

Yesterday, Whoopi was celebrated at the Fashion Group International Night of Stars Gala with an award. It was there that someone asked Whoopi about retirement.

Whoopi lets everyone know how she feels about retiring

Asked by The Sun, in an interview at the event, Whoopi told them, “I’ve done nothing but retire. I’ve been retired my whole career, so I kind of like that, yeah.”

In explaining why she is off, Whoopi said, “But I’ve been off on Fridays for years now because when we did that normally, I’d go to work and do shows or do whatever because I could travel on a Friday.”

This relaxed mindset of Whoopi is reflected in a book she helped to write with M. E. Hecht, Two Old Broads: Stuff You Need to Know That You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know.

But it sure seems like Whoopi is still going strong despite having Friday’s off of The View. She isn’t slowing down at all.

Whoopi had important business in Rome, Italy

During her extended break last week, everyone wondered where Whoopi was, and the exciting news was revealed on The View.

She visited Pope Francis at the Vatican and even gave him some Sister Act movie memorabilia. This was also to highlight her upcoming Sister Act 3 movie.

She also saw an exhibit named Changes.

As reported on Monsters and Critics, the fans have lately called Whoopi out for looking bored on the show. Rather than joining in on some topics, Whoopi is noticed looking absent and wanting to be anywhere but in her moderator seat.

The mini vacation may be enough distraction and time of rest that Whoopi will come back refreshed and renewed, so the talk of retirement will slow down.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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