The View fans call out Whoopi Goldberg’s bored behavior on air

Whoopi Goldberg up close
Whoopi Goldberg is called out for acting bored on The View. Pic credit: ©

Does Whoopi Goldberg need to be replaced on The View?

Some may shout, “Yes!” that the moderator does need to be replaced, but others want her to be there and have a good time.

The idea of swapping hosts came up this week when Whoopi was noticeably bored during one of the Hot Topic panel discussions.

As Ana Navarro, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssah Farah Griffin discussed phone etiquette, Whoopi stayed quiet.

Rather than join in on the discussion, Whoopi put her head in her hands after a minute and seemed content not to join.

She also shifted from side to side, played with her hair, and looked bored overall, and fans quickly noticed her behavior.

Fans call out Whoopi Goldberg’s bored behavior

It didn’t take long for fans to take to Twitter to express their feelings about her behavior on Monday’s episode.

One user wrote, “They seriously need to swap Whoopi out when they do the fluff pieces during hot topics…she literally dies a slow death every single time,” with crying laughing emojis.

Another user wrote, “Whoopi’s ready to end the show right now,” and added more laughing emojis.

Tweet about Whoopi being bored
Pic credit: @jerzygirl45/Twitter

Still, broadcaster Brenda Alesii was ready to take over the moderator’s spot.

“@TheView @Brianteta love #TheView but if Whoopi is so bored, I’d be happy to guest host,” she wrote.

Brenda Alesii's tweet
Pic credit: @brendaceleste/Twitter

Whoopi Goldberg shut down NSFW conversation on Monday

Despite the fluff pieces about phone etiquette, Monday’s episode of The View was a wild ride all around.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Whoopi had to bring out her bell and stop an NSFW conversation before it got too intense, though we’re not sure if she stopped the conversation soon enough as Sunny Hostin did imitate morphing into male genitalia.

That’s right, Whoopi had to ring the bell this time instead of having the bell rung on her.

The panelists discussed the new dating show Naked Attraction when things got off the rails, including Alyssa Farah Griffin discussing when she felt the most comfortable when nude.

Whoopi teased producer Brian Teta for always being on her back, and though he agreed with Whoopi, he also knows that he has to keep an eye on the moderator, too, or she’ll start talking about pool sex way too in-depth again.

Maybe during one of these segments, we’ll see Brian come in front of the camera rather than behind it and let him moderate the women!

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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