Here’s what Whoopi Goldberg is up to while skipping The View

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg of the hit show The View. Pic Credit: ABC

Everyone is wondering where Whoopi Goldberg has been while she’s glaringly absent from her show, The View. Two days in a row, she has been gone.

Joy Behar has announced on the show that everyone will find out what Whoopi has been doing on Monday.

Joy has been cagey with the news, only sharing that it will be for a special project.

That has not stopped everyone from asking about Whoopi and wondering what is up.

Today on The View, special guest David Blaine promoted his new show, Impossible.

It is a spectacular new show playing at the Encore Theater at Winn Las Vegas.

He even questioned Joy about Whoopi, much to Joy’s chagrin. She is certainly trying to keep a lid on the news.

Joy cuts off David Blaine as he mentions Whoopi

During his segment, Joy introduced David and said, “So, David. Welcome to the show, welcome back.”

He replied, grateful for the kind welcome, “Thank you for having me. We miss Whoopi, but I’m happy to be with you.”

Joy then snapped, “Everyone will find out Monday.”

She forgot to tell the Vatican, though. They did not get the memo that it was all a secret.

The Vatican shares news of Whoopi on Twitter

According to the Vatican News Twitter feed, Whoopi has been in Italy.

Whoopi viewed an exhibit named Changes. It is an exhibition of 24 shots describing Creation, focusing on climate change.

This is seemingly confirmed by the Instagram account of Lia Beltrami. Lia is a director, filmmaker, and speaker. She posted a photo of her and a smiling Whoopi Goldberg.

This is wonderful news! So many viewers have been worried and wondering where she has been the last two days.

Just six weeks prior, Whoopi missed the premier of The View’s 27th season because she had COVID-19. Of course, that had to be on people’s minds as they thought of reasons why Whoopi would miss again.

It makes sense for Whoopi to be in Italy. She is shooting a film over there, according to Variety. Whoopi and Jeremy Irvine are starring in a comedy named Leopardi & Co, about the famous Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi.

Whoopi may be combining working on this film with her visit to the Changes exhibit.

Hopefully, Joy Behar is right, and this project is extraordinary. It did make news on the Vatican’s Twitter feed.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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