Joy Behar’s health scare causes her to miss The View

Joy Behar at a random event.
Joy Behar misses The View because of an illness. Pic credit: ©

Joy Behar is having a horrible, awful, no-good December on The View and not in real life.

Lately, she has been slammed on The View by the guests. Matt Rogers was on and scandalously shared that Joy goes barefoot on airplanes.

Matt upset Joy so much that she told him to “shut up” and clarified that she did not want that information out there.

The next day, she was the subject of a dreadful joke about her age. As his puppet, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Robert Smigel was on the show and joked to Joy that it was celebrating her 80th birthday when he saw her last. Joy, who is now 81, asked him if he enjoyed himself.

He replied yes and remembered that the party had an open bar “and an open casket.” He thought it was hilarious to joke about Joy in a casket.

And to round out the month, Joy has missed two work days this week on The View because she is sick.

Whoopi Goldberg reveals why Joy Behar is missing The View

When the show started on Tuesday, Whoopi Goldberg solemnly stated about the beloved Joy Behar and her absence.

Whoopi, the moderator on The View, said, “Joy is out this week. You know why, she finally got Covid.”

The audience immediately expressed their sadness at this by booing the news.

Then, Whoopi tried to save the show’s mood and announced who would fill Joy’s spot. Whoopi said, “The fabulous, wonderful, amazing Yvette Nicole Brown” was the fill-in.

Yvette shared that she was happy to be back and that “she missed you guys.” It is unknown if Yvette will hold Joy’s spot for the rest of the week or if they will change things up while she is gone.

Fans share well wishes for Joy’s recovery on social media

Because Joy Behar was out with COVID-19, the actress Yvette Nicole Brown filled her spot on the panel Yvette has co-hosted before on The View and was welcomed back by the other ladies.

As soon as The View posted that Yvette was going to join the show, fans started to post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

A fan of Joy Behar on X.
A fan of the sick Joy Behar posting on X. Pic credit: LApurpleiris/Instagram

One user, @LApurpleiris, said to Joy, “Sorry,@JoyVBehar, about your illness. I’ve still managed to avoid it, but I wear a mask around everyone indoors. I’m afraid I’m on borrowed time.”

A fan of The View posted on X.
A fan of The View posted on X. Pic credit: Staciamichelle2/Instagram

Another fan, @Staciamichelle2, said, “Awww, prayers for @JoyVBehar…covid not gone!!”

This is the first time that Joy has gotten COVID-19. She had mentioned on the show before that she had been able to avoid it thus far. Everyone wishes Joy to get better soon. Her fans miss her.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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N. Kershaw
N. Kershaw
2 months ago

She has Fans???

Ardeth Brodie
Ardeth Brodie
2 months ago
Reply to  N. Kershaw

OF COURSE SHE D O E S . . . Hello! 😎👏🤗❤️ . . . and she will be GREATLY missed! She is dearly

2 months ago


17 days ago

Just retire, it is not as though you need the money, let someone younger make some
money,, just another greedy old has been.