The View fans are upset with Sara Haines for acting like a ‘victim’

Sara Haines at a random event.
Fans are upset with Sara Haines for acting like a ‘victim.’ Pic credit: ©

The ladies on The View are in full political mode this week with all the news of former President Trump and whether or not he will be allowed to run for president again.

Today, Liz Cheney, the former United States Representative, was on the show for the first time, and the ladies were excited to talk to her. Last week, they had Chris Christie on the show, and Whoopi Goldberg was not as happy to see him.

Towards the end of the segment, the ladies finished their thoughts towards Liz, and Sara started with a whole speech.

Sara is an independent and began, “People like me don’t get to participate in choosing…” speaking of voting in a presidential election.

Then she went on, “I’m now conceding…I’d just take a good person…would you ever run for president?” How she asked the question and her body language during the exchange had fans on social media upset.

Fans react to Sara Haines’s behavior with Liz Cheney

Fans did not like that Sara was playing off like she was a victim during her speech to Liz Cheney. They took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to voice their concerns.

One fan complained, ‘And here comes Sara waving the Independent flag.” Another took the time to mention Liz Cheney, saying in part, “I don’t think she’ll have enough support @TheView #TheView.”

A third called Sara a victim, “Why @sarahaines always playing the victim?… Just say your [sic] a republican…#theview.”

Fans of The View sound off on Sara Haines
Pic credit: @jerzygirl45/@MarquezG/@msswpr/X

Another fan was shocked that Whoopi Goldberg begged Liz Cheney to head up a third party.

Fans on The View are not afraid to tell the ladies exactly how they feel.

Sara admitted to Brian Teta she got into hot water with her husband

Sara joined the podcast The View: Behind the Table with Brian Teta. The last time she was on, she scolded Brian because he was rolling his eyes at her. This time, she had something more profound to talk about.

Sara values her marriage to her husband, Max Shifrin, and has vowed always to make sure he is ok when she shares certain things about her life on the show.

Sara was on the podcast again and told Brian she forgot to do this the other day and got “busted.”

Recently, she over-shared and told the ladies that she gives her husband a “to-do list” after they have intimate relations. She mentioned asking him about errands and simple things like when the plumber is expected.

Sara said her husband received a text from his father about the story she told on the show.

Max, her husband, told her, “You don’t give me a to-do list.” He was upset with her for oversharing, and Sara said she needed to improve.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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