Family Reunion Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out on Netflix?

Family Reunion Season 2
Family Reunion has been renewed for Season 2. Pic credit: Netflix

Family Reunion is returning for Season 2.

Season 1 premiered on Netflix back in July 2019 and ended with 20 total episodes on the streaming platform.

Part 1 of Season 1 provided 10 episodes and was followed by the release of a Christmas special episode in December 2019.

Another batch of nine episodes (Season 1, Part 2) was released in January 2020, bringing the total number of Season 1 episodes to 20.

Fans are looking forward to Family Reunion Season 2 after the first season introduced the McKellan family of six and moved them from Seattle, Washington to Georgia for a reunion with their extended family.

While we await further updates on Family Reunion Season 2, here is everything we know so far about the upcoming season, including release date, cast updates, and plot.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of Family Reunion?

The good news is that the McKellans are coming back for another season of delightful family comedy. Netflix renewed Family Reunion for Season 2 back in September 2019.

Family Reunion Season 2 will only feature only 16 episodes and Netflix has not yet confirmed if Season 2 will also be split into two parts (Part 3 and Part 4). We will have to wait to find out when the upcoming season premieres on the streaming platform.

Release date latest: When is Family Reunion Season 2 likely to come out?

Many fans took to social media after Season 1 ended in January to say they couldn’t wait for the series to return to Netflix for another season of the hilarious adventures of the McKellans.

Family Reunion Season 2
Pic credit: @JennyNFreeman/Twitter

After Family Reunion Season 1 premiered on Netflix in July 2019, fans hoped that Season 2 would also premiere in Jully 2020. But the coronavirus pandemic that started in March — Season 1, Part 2 dropped on Netflix in January — has delayed the return of the comedy series for Season 2.

Netflix shut down all production on scripted TV shows and movies in the U.S. and Canada back in March 2020, in compliance with social distancing measures put in place at the time to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Netflix also halted ongoing production on The Witcher Season 2, starring Henry Cavill, which was being filmed in the U.K. at the time.

Production on The Witcher Season 2 started at Arborfield Studio in West London in early 2020 after the streaming giant announced the renewal of the series for another season in November 2019.

Other major Netflix originals affected by the production shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic include Grace and Frankie Season 7 and Stranger Things Season 4.

Family Reunion Season 2 cast updates

The main cast for Season 1 is expected to return for Season 2, according to Deadline.

Tia Mowry-Hardrict will reprise her role as the family matriarch Cocoa McKellan and Anthony Alabi is returning as Coco’s former tight end husband Moz McKellan.

Talia Jackson will return as the couple’s eldest daughter Jade McKellan, who is 14 years old. Isaiah Russell-Bailey will reprise his role as the couple’s older son Shaka McKellan, who is 12 years old and Cameron J. Wright will return as their younger son Mazzi McKellan, who is 10 years old.

Jordyn Raya James will also return as Cocoa and Moz’s youngest daughter Ami McKellan, who is eight years old.

Loretta Devine is expected to return as Moz’s strict and religious mom M’Dear.

Richard Roundtree will likely return as Moz’s dad who is a church pastor.

The series is created by Meg DeLoatch, who executive produced Season 1 with Robert West and Scott Hartle.

What is Family Reunion about?

Family Reunion follows the McKellan family, who moved from Seattle, Washington to Georgia to reunite with their extended family. But what was meant to be a happy reunion became filled with awkward moments for the family as they struggled to adapt to the southern culture and the generational gaps.

Family Reunion Season 2 plot

Family Reunion Season 1, Part 1 ended after M’Dear introduced Jade to a new boy in town named Kurt. M’Dear asked Jade to show the boy around and although Jade was reluctant at first, she later struck up a friendship with Kurt. The two spent time hanging out together and it led to an awkward confrontation with Drew (Noah Alexander Gerry) who she was dating.

Mazzi and Shaka had an unpleasant encounter with the police, and shortly afterward, the same cop pulled Moz over. The incident led Cocoa to fear for their safety and she wondered whether to move her family back to Seattle or stay in Georgia.

In the Family Reunion Season 1, Part 2 finale, titled Remember When the Party Was Over?, Jade celebrated her 15th birthday with a masquerade party, while Moz and Cocoa had a reality check about their finances.

Netflix has not yet shared information about what to expect of the upcoming season, so fans will have to wait until Season 2 arrives to find out what is next for the McKellans.

Season 1 of Family Reunion is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Ethel Brown
Ethel Brown
2 years ago

We LOVE the show n the storyline. My 7 yr old grson binge watch n now know the lines n song (which I Love also) verbatim! He thinks he’s a family mbr! Laughs at the comments n Even uses them on us. It is hilarious n reminds me of some of our family mbrs n otr ppl we know. I wish we cld meet them. The whole cast (n Mr. Mckellan’s brother is a trip. We laugh so hard we ROAR! Shucks. Who knew Richard Rountree was so hilarious?! I wish I cld talk to the cast n the directors,crew, etc., because they r also amazing to do what they do n to gt a cast that is also amazingly funny. OMG! This tks away all the sadness that’s going on around the world today.
I thank you all and I hope and pray to meet one day evvveeeen if it’s via zoom. I will b grateful. May God bless u all and keep His face to shine upon u all!!!

Best Regards