Drew Carey addresses his future as The Price Is Right host

drew carey face from 49th Daytime Emmy Awards Arrivals
Drew Carey has hosted The Price Is Right since 2007. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Drew Carey believes the late Bob Barker made a mistake regarding his time hosting The Price Is Right, and he doesn’t plan on repeating it.

After Barker retired, the 65-year-old actor and comedian took over the game show’s hosting duties in 2007.

That’s given Carey 17 years of experience hosting the popular game show, which features popular price-guessing games like Plinko and Wheel spins for big money.

There’s also the memorable Showcase Showdown round, which offers some sweet prize packages, and some contestants surprise Carey and the viewers with their bids.

Carey recently commented on his longevity as the game show’s host and discussed how long he plans to continue with the gig.

In addition, he spoke about another celebrity who is taking over for a longtime game show host.

Carey says he thinks ‘Bob made a mistake’ with The Price Is Right hosting job

At the recent CBS Fall Schedule Celebration, Carey told ET’s Kevin Frazier he’s “not going anywhere” when it comes to hosting the game show.

“I think Bob made a mistake by retiring. I’m not gonna make that same mistake. As long as my heart is ticking and they want me to be on the show, I think I’m gonna do The Price is Right. I just love it,” Carey said, per ET’s report.

Based on Carey’s remarks, he’ll only be replaced as the show host once he’s dead. He previously revealed he lost a lot of weight to get better control over his health, even reversing his Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

As Carey continues his job on The Price Is Right, longtime game show host Pat Sajak is about to retire from his gig as TV’s Wheel of Fortune Host.

ET asked Carey if he might have advice for Sajak’s successor as host, Ryan Seacrest.

“Do I have any advice for billionaire Ryan Seacrest? Who hosts everything all the time? No,” he joked, adding, “Bro, I think you got it. I think you know what to do. I think you know how to host things. Don’t worry about it. You’re going to be fine.”

Drew Carey hosted a tribute to the legendary Bob Barker

In October 2006, Bob Barker officially announced his retirement from hosting The Price Is Right, and a search for a successor began afterward.

Carey became the new host after hosting another game show, Power of 10, which lasted under a year on CBS.

Barker’s final episode as The Price Is Right host arrived in June 2007, and Carey officially debuted as the new host in October 2007.

The legendary Barker passed away on August 26, 2023, at age 99. A tribute special, The Price Is Right: A Tribute to Bob Barker, was recorded with Carey as the host.

That special featured highlights and memorable moments from Barker’s life and career. Among them was a look at the older version of the show in 1972, which changed from a half-hour to a one-hour episode game show in 1975.

There was also footage of Barker’s final episode in 2007 and his return to the show for his 90th birthday.

In addition to other segments, actor and comedian Adam Sandler presented a poem called Ode to Bob Barker. The game show host famously appeared in Sandler’s comedy Happy Gilmore, which has a sequel in the works.

While the host has changed, many of the classic games remain. In addition, Carey continues to use Barker’s trademark line to sign off.

“Help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered,” Carey says at the end of each episode.

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Rosa Santos
Rosa Santos
16 days ago

The Price Is Right Game Show is my favorite. I never missed watching the game show cause I record it. I Love You Drew ❤️💯

16 days ago

Drew has made this show his own and helped us all to laugh and have fun. When I heard that Bob Baker was retiring, I told my son that Drew would be perfect as the next host. He’s funny and lightens things up all the time. I hour he stays for many more years to come. Thank you Drew

Janice Kolde
Janice Kolde
16 days ago

Oh Great not.

16 days ago

Just love Drew as the host of The Price is Right. He truly enjoys his time with the contestants as well as the audience. May he live to be 100!!

Cheryl Boyink
Cheryl Boyink
15 days ago

I will always love Bob Barker and I can say the same for Drew Carey! Drew, you are perfect for TPIR and I hope that you continue to host the show as long as you can!! I watch the show everyday and have gone to the smaller local TPIR and had so much fun! I dream about going to CA and being a contestant! Thank you for entertaining me with laughter and fun!! Cheryl Boyink ♥️🤗