Here’s who critics think would be a ‘better pick’ to host Wheel of Fortune than ‘robotic’ Ryan Seacrest

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Ryan’s critics aren’t fond of his machine-like demeanor. Pic credit: ©

Ryan Seacrest will take over the helm hosting Wheel of Fortune later this year, but fans of the show think someone else would do a better job filling Pat Sajak’s shoes.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Pat Sajak announced his retirement earlier this year.

Season 41 will be Pat’s final one as the longtime host of Wheel of Fortune, and this fall, Ryan will take over, beginning with Season 42.

Although Ryan has plenty of experience as a TV host, some critics think another well-known television personality would be better suited for the job.

In a recent Reddit thread, one Wheel of Fortune viewer made a bold proclamation when they posted, “Joel McHale > Ryan Seacrest.”

“I don’t know if he was in the running for Pat’s replacement, but I think Joel McHale (Card Sharks) would have been a great pick…” Redditor u/baracuda68 wrote in the caption.

Reddit thread about Joel McHale vs Ryan Seacrest
Pic credit: u/baracuda68/Reddit

Reddit user u/baracuda68 wasn’t the only one who felt Joel would be a better fit than Ryan.

In the comments section, others agreed with the sentiment.

Viewers prefer Joel McHale over Ryan Seacrest to host Wheel of Fortune

While some argued that Joel would be too rambunctious to host Wheel of Fortune, others appreciated his quick wit.

Comments about Joel McHale vs Ryan Seacrest.
Pic credit: u/baracuda68/Reddit

One Wheel of Fortune viewer expressed their admiration for Joel’s comedic talent and felt that Ryan’s demeanor is too monotonous for his upcoming Wheel of Fortune gig.

“Joel is a quick wit and Ryan is too robotic. I would prefer Joel over Seacrest.”

This isn’t the first time Wheel watchers have expressed dismay about Ryan taking over the reins at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California.

Wheel of Fortune viewers call for Maggie Sajak to replace her father, Pat Sajak, as host

Last year, Wheel of Fortune fans took to the comments section of an Instagram post shared by Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, who serves as Wheel of Fortune’s Social Correspondent.

Along with many hopeful comments encouraging Maggie to replace her father as the host of Wheel of Fortune, some claimed that “no one wants” to see Ryan Seacrest join the franchise.

Amid all of the chatter online surrounding his impending hosting duties, however, Ryan Seacrest has made it clear that he isn’t looking to overstep his bounds.

Ryan Seacrest acknowledges he could never ‘replace’ Pat Sajak

Acknowledging that he has some big shoes to fill, Ryan told PEOPLE that he could never replace the legendary Pat Sajak.

“Well, no one can ever do what Pat has done. He is incredible,” Ryan told the outlet.

Ryan added, “He has made that show just something so very special for so long, and he has done such a seamless, remarkable job, so no one can be him.”

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Kathy Hummel
Kathy Hummel
25 days ago

I’d rather see Joel McHale host Wheel over Ryan Seacrest!