Chicago P.D. recap: The FBI closes in on Upton and Voight

Chicago PD Fractures
Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey, and Jason Beghe as Hank Voight on the Chicago P.D. Season 9 cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. aired a new episode on Wednesday night called Fractures, and it was clearly a play on words about what was taking place within Intelligence.

On the last episode of Chicago P.D., a new criminal informant began helping Voight on a case. Even though Halstead didn’t trust her, Voight leaned heavily on her to help get the job done on an important case.

The name of that new character is Anna Avalos, and she is played by Carmela Zumbado on the Chicago P.D. cast now. We will be seeing much more from this recurring character as she helps Intelligence take down some more criminals while also carrying out her own personal missions.

A huge takeaway from the last episode, though, was that Halstead expressed his distrust for Voight in the final segments and even told Voight to kick him off the team at one point. The situation about Voight and Upton making Roy Walton disappear after killing him was about to boil over.

Chicago P.D. Season 9, Episode 8 recap

The new episode of Chicago P.D. began with Voight arriving at a meeting with FBI Special Agent Walker North. He informed Voight that the FBI felt Roy Walton had never left Chicago. They had combed through all the footage they could find and found no evidence of Walton leaving by car, plane, or train.

Voight had to end the meeting with North due to his team responding to a call. Intelligence began investigating the stabbing of a man that appeared to have gang ties. Voight pulled Upton and Halstead aside to let them know about the FBI inquiries.

Back at the station, Intelligence was looking into the background of the man who had been stabbed and trying to find a suspect when Trudy brought FBI Special Agent North up to them. It was very clear that he would be an important component of the episode.

North spoke with Burgess, and Burgess volunteered to do anything she could to help North track down Roy Walton. Burgess still doesn’t know that Walton is dead, as she was in the hospital recovering when Voight and Upton took him out.

Intelligence works a new case

The man who had been stabbed was named Clarke, and he died from the attack. A suspect named Santiago was tracked down and after he shot at Halstead and Ruzek, he was captured. Santiago said that he worked for Clarke’s nightclubs and had been dropping off money at his house as they sought to avoid paying taxes.

Voight had a secret meeting with Trudy where he learned that North had already pulled all of the files on everyone from Intelligence and that he was poking around for a lot of additional information. Trudy was starting to get suspicious herself, but she allowed Voight to keep her in the dark (mostly) about what was going on.

North met with each member of Intelligence at the station, asking a series of questions and trying to pin down a timeline for the actions that each one of them took on the night Burgess was taken, and Roy vanished. As he was asking Upton some pointed questions, Voight pulled her out to help with the case they were currently working on.

Walker North a problem for Intelligence

Trudy figured out that North asked for the Roy Walton case and that he had already spoken to a witness at the building where Mark Irwin took a woman hostage and was shot and killed by Halstead through the window. North knew that Irwin had met with Walton and had evidence on the case before Halstead killed him. As a reminder, at that point, Halstead didn’t know what Voight and Upton had done to Roy.

Voight also figured out that Upton’s vehicle had been bugged and that there was a tracker placed under it. Halstead came upon him and they talked about it, with Voight saying they needed to hold the line and continue protecting Upton. When Halstead went to tell Upton about it, she asked him if she should turn herself in, and he said no.

On the case of the stabbed man, Intelligence started piecing together that his two young daughters were home when it took place, and one of them had knife wounds on her. The older sister claimed that she killed her dad to stop him from harming her younger sister.

It fit, but Upton wasn’t sure it was the whole truth. Upton was right. The younger sister had the rest of her family living in fear. She killed her dad and then tried to pin it on her older sister. The older sister went along with it only out of fear. Upton got her to admit to it and the right sister was arrested.

North met with Upton again and said that Roy Walton was dead while accusing Upton of covering it up. He also extended help to Upton if she came forward now about what had really happened. She answered his questions and went back to work after telling him that if Walton was dead, then it was a good thing – she wasn’t in the mood for deals.

The episode ended with North pulling Halstead over in a traffic stop and then taking him to a crime scene – he had discovered Roy’s body thanks to the GPS search that Halstead had done on Voight. North offered a deal of either taking in Halstead and Upton or having them work to give him Voight.

And that’s where the episode came to an end, with the FBI having all of the evidence but wanting a confession to take down Hank Voight.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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Mark Baum
Mark Baum
2 years ago

What started in Chicago Fire – Voight started out as a dirty cop & the way I see it his past is catching up with him which is why the FBI wants him back in prison. Agent North is the FBI agent assigned to get that job done & Upton is pressured to give Voight up for the sake to save the CPD intelligence unit from further interference by the FBI. If this was real life Voight would already be behind bars.

2 years ago

What a joke…if you recall Voight wrapped the body in a tarp and shrink wrap then burned it in the pit. There is no freaking way that perfectly layed out skeleton was the “victims leftovers” . The FBI is lieing thru their teeth.