Chicago P.D. alum Jesse Lee Soffer warns his fans

Halstead Chicago PD Final Episode
Jesse Lee Soffer played Jay Halstead on the Chicago P.D. cast for nearly 10 years. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

“I wish I was posting for a better reason,” Jesse Lee Soffer says at the beginning of a new video.

Jesse took the time to share an important message on his Instagram page about scams.

People are reportedly posing as him and his representatives to get money. It’s a problem Jesse hopes he can end.

One Chicago fans got to know Jesse through the role of Detective Jay Halstead on Chicago P.D.

He was an intriguing character for the show and valuable to the Intelligence team.

Jesse left Chicago P.D. early in Season 10, and the writers had his character (Halstead) re-enlist in the Army.

Jesse Lee Soffer warns his social media followers.

“Please be aware of scams! Myself and anyone who represents me would NEVER ask you for money. Hope this helps, hope you have a good day,” Jesse captioned his post.

In the video below, Jesse talks about people getting scammed online and on social media. He states that people are pretending to be him to receive money.

The scammers have frustrated him to the point of posting about it.

As Jesse explains it, he will never reach out in a direct message to get money. Nor will anyone who represents him.

Jesse also breaks down how to know if people claiming to be one of his representatives are real. They don’t represent him if he doesn’t follow them on social media.

“I hope this helps. I’m so sorry that this stuff happens,” Jesse closes his message after explaining everything.

Chicago P.D. news

Shocking news has come out about the future of Chicago P.D.

Tracy Spirdakos is leaving the Chicago P.D. cast.

She has played Detective Hailey Upton since Season 4, but her final episodes are coming up in Season 11.

Losing Tracy so soon after Jesse left the show will be hard for Chicago P.D. fans to accept.

The writers have returned to work following the Hollywood strike, but the actors and actresses are still on the picket lines.

It means a longer delay before new episodes of the One Chicago shows can debut on NBC.

More One Chicago news

Stars from the One Chicago programs attended an event together that seeks to help the oceans. People from Med, P.D., and Fire were in attendance.

The last season of Chicago Fire has three cliffhangers to address when the shows finally return. The writers may have to deal with a star leaving the show for good.

Chicago Fire fans are still recovering from the death of Evan Hawkins. Losing him was a low point in Season 11.

The Chicago P.D. fans also got their show trending on social media. It was to celebrate a sad anniversary, but it showed how involved the fans can be.

Chicago P.D. is streaming on Peacock.

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