Chicago P.D. fans are sending a message with trending topic

Halstead Chicago PD
Detective Jay Halstead was played by Jesse Lee Soffer on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. fans are dedicated to the characters on the show.

And many take to social media to share their thoughts on the episodes.

Within the Chicago P.D. fandom resides a large group of fans dedicated to the relationship between Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton.

The detectives were co-workers on the Intelligence team, but they became romantic and eventually married.

These characters, played by Jesse Lee Soffer and Tracy Spiridakos, were an integral part of the show.

But Jesse departed the show early in Season 10, gutting fans who had dubbed the couple with the nickname Upstead.

Upstead fans mark the Chicago P.D. anniversary

This past week was the one-year anniversary of Jesse leaving Chicago P.D.

He did return to direct an episode later in Season 10, but his character (Halstead) hasn’t been seen since that early October 2022 episode.

To mark the anniversary, fans took to social media to celebrate the relationship between Upstead and Halstead.

And those dedicated fans got the topic trending on Twitter. Again.

For four straight days (Wednesday, October 4 to Saturday, October 7), Upstead has been trending on Twitter.

The fans also had Upstead Forever trending, which has become the calling card for fans posting about the relationship.

Below are a few of the many social media posts that were made this week.

This fan wants the Chicago P.D. writers to give Upstead a “happy ending” on the show.

This next fan shared a clip from the show and expressed their frustration with how things were left.

And another fan has some ideas about how to bring back Halstead.

Chicago P.D. (Upstead) fans are sending a message

The message from many Chicago P.D. fans is clear: Bring back Jesse Lee Soffer.

Some fans would be content with Jesse returning to bring closure to the Upstead relationship.

Other fans want Jesse to continue playing Halstead and resume his spot as a main character on the show.

Many story scenarios could make his return possible. Is it something the producers would work to achieve? Stay tuned.

Is there a world where Upstead resumes their relationship? If it were left up to the fans, the first episode of Season 11 would address that storyline.

The Writers Strike is over, and popular shows are back to preparing new episodes.

The actors and actresses are still on strike, though.

Past episodes of Chicago P.D. are available for streaming on Peacock.

And there is hope the show will return with new content by late winter or early spring.

In the meantime, Upstead fans will continue expressing themselves on social media.

A new season of The Traitors is also in production at Peacock.

Chicago P.D. is streaming on Peacock.

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Jane McNeill
Jane McNeill
9 months ago

want Jay to come back and take over the unit with Hailey!!!!!!!