Chicago Fire has three huge cliffhangers to address in return

Taylor Kinney Chicago Fire
Taylor Kinney continues to play Kelly Severide on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: © Tine/StarMaxWorldwide

Chicago Fire Season 11 finished with three big cliffhangers.

The show is well-known for this strategy, designed to keep people talking during the summer hiatus.

The Writers Strike recently ended, allowing the Chicago Fire writing team to return to work.

Unfortunately, the actors and actresses are still on strike, so filming can’t resume (yet).

Past episodes are available for streaming during the downtime, but fans want new content.

When Chicago Fire Season 12 begins, the writers have some important storylines to address.

Below are recaps of the cliffhangers fans experienced on the Chicago Fire Season 11 finale.

A marriage proposal from Matt Casey

Sylvie Brett had a busy season finale.

After talking with the teen mother (who gave up her baby), Brett learned that the teen would allow her to become a guardian.

This was the baby who got dropped off at the fire station in the amnesty box. The baby will now live with Brett.

This is also a step toward completing the adoption.

Dylan (the magician and hockey player) called things off with Brett because he wasn’t ready to start a family.

Matt Casey was in town to work on a domestic terrorism case, and he came clean about still loving Brett. Near the end of the episode, Casey asks Brett to marry him.

The search for Severide

Stella Kidd was frustrated that Kelly Severide had taken an ATF assignment without telling her.

Severide went to Alabama to take extensive training on arson investigation and went on a mission without updating his wife.

Kidd didn’t understand why Severide hadn’t returned home. She needed answers.

Near the end of the season finale, Kidd took time off from the firehouse to track down her new husband and bring him back.

This cliffhanger is tricky because it is unclear if actor Taylor Kinney (he plays Severide) will return to the show. Kinney has been on a leave of absence from the show, and if he doesn’t return, this is the end of seeing Severide.

Mouch clings to life after fire call

Firehouse 51 responded to a call at a power substation in the season finale. A domestic terrorist attack was being carried out, and the firefighters got caught up in it.

While the crew was able to stop the attack, Mouch was injured by a piece of shrapnel. Mouch was rushed to the hospital while clinging to life. Christopher Herrmann went to check on him later.

The pair chatted, but Mouch fell unconscious, and Herrmann discovered his friend was bleeding out. The episode ended without viewers finding out if Mouch would survive.

Chicago Fire Season 12 outlook

There are many stories to cover when the Chicago Fire cast finally returns to television. It could be a while since the strike is ongoing.

Chicago Fire fans are also still dealing with Evan Hawkins dying. It’s something that could hang over the show.

Elsewhere, Chicago P.D. fans got the show trending again with their love for Upstead.

Chicago Fire is streaming on Peacock.

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Jo Jo
Jo Jo
9 months ago

Get rid of Kidd and bring back Severide. Not too many people like Kidd so she wouldn’t be missed. Hope they don’t kill off Mouch,

8 months ago
Reply to  Jo Jo

Kidd is one of the best players on the team can’t get rid of her or Kelly their perfect together.And a lot of people think that way.