Chicago Med spoilers: Important plot detail for new episode revealed

Sharon Maggie And Vanessa Chicago Med
Sharon, Maggie, and Vanessa share a moment on the Chicago Med cast for a brand new episode. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med spoilers about the next episode of the show reveal we are going to see a lot more from Vanessa Taylor.

NBC kept Vanessa out of the TV promo for A Red Pill, A Blue Pill and also didn’t mention her by name in the new episode synopsis, but she was alluded to and she will be appearing.

If you aren’t sure who Vanessa even is, that’s quite all right, because she is a brand new character to the show. Vanessa is Maggie’s daughter and the child that Maggie gave up many years ago.

On the last episode of Chicago Med, we got to meet Vanessa for the first time. It was a brief interaction between Vanessa and Maggie that took place at a college campus, giving Maggie a sense of closure and satisfaction that Vanessa was “thriving.”

However, Maggie is going to get another chance to interact with her daughter. Very soon.

Chicago Med spoilers for Season 6, Episode 14

On the May 12 Chicago Med episode, Vanessa Taylor is going to be in the ED. Vanessa is one of the third-year medical students that is going to get a shot at doing a rotation at Chicago Med. That shot is in no small part due to the glowing recommendation that Maggie gave Vanessa to the head of the program.

It is going to get more complicated with Sharon also learning that this is Maggie’s daughter, possibly foreshadowing that they won’t be able to keep this secret for very long. Will Vanessa keep thriving in the ED with her biological mother watching over with her? Or is this a huge bump in the road?

Below is a scene from the last episode during which Maggie said she would be fine not seeing her daughter again. That sure changed quickly.

Chicago Med Season 6 coming to an end

There are only a few more episodes left on the Chicago Med Season 6 schedule. In fact, the season concludes before May even comes to an end. That’s sad news for fans who have begun enjoying episodes showing on consecutive weeks again. It took a while for NBC to find its footing during this particular television season, due mostly to delays from the coronavirus pandemic. Now that the network has established a flow, we are about to head into the long summer hiatus.

At least we will enter the break knowing that Chicago Med Season 7 will debut in the fall. NBC has already ordered more episodes of the hit Wednesday night drama, and that means we will get to see more about the lives of these nurses and doctors. Hopefully, more true crossover episodes will be able to take place during the 2021-2022 television season, because they have been missed.

Stay tuned folks. If we learn some Chicago Med spoilers from the Season 6 finale, we will make sure to pass those on as well.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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