Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 11: TV promo and full synopsis are out

Season 7 Episode 11 Chicago Med
Oliver Platt as Daniel Charles and Kristin Hager as Dr. Stevie Hammer on Chicago Med 711. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

The new episode of Chicago Med debuts Wednesday night, and it is called The Things We Thought We Left Behind.

This is the second Winter 2022 episode for the show, with the winter premiere airing for the first time last week.

On that last episode of Chicago Med, a lot of time was spent on a patient that Dr. Crockett Marcel and Dr. Pamela Blake were trying to save.

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Blake and Marcel really needed a kidney for their transplant patient, and things looked grim until the very end of the episode when Dr. Dean Archer came through with a donation from a patient who had gone comatose in surgery.

Archer lied and said that the patient had told him to donate his organs if he didn’t make it, but Archer and likely some Chicago Med fans were fine with it as the patient had admitted to killing someone in a bar fight some years back.

The full synopsis for new episode of Chicago Med

Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 11 airs for the first time on Wednesday, January 12 at 8/7c. It is a full night of One Chicago.

“Crockett and Blake clash with Randall when a famous alcoholic football player needs a liver transplant. Dylan is reluctantly reunited with old friends when their son breaks his arm. Stevie and Charles work together when a patient falls ill after back-alley plastic surgery,” reads the Chicago Med synopsis for the episode called The Things We Thought We Left Behind.

Dramatic Chicago Med TV promo

Below is the TV promo that NBC is currently running for the January 12 episode of Chicago Med. It forecasts some big drama and Dr. Charles getting pretty upset.

Chicago Med 7x11 Promo "The Things We Thought We Left Behind" (HD)

More to come from One Chicago this winter

In addition to all of the One Chicago episodes that are airing on the night of January 12, we will get some more new content before the month has concluded.

On the One Chicago TV schedule, brand new episodes of each show also air on the night of Wednesday, January 19. That will be the third episode of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. already in Winter 2022, which is a nice treat after only getting one new episode each in the entire month of December.

For all the One Chicago fans interested in looking ahead, here is the TV promo for the new Chicago Fire. Here is the TV promo for the new Chicago P.D. episodes that will also be airing on the night of January 12.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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