Chicago Med new episode: TV promo for Season 6, Episode 13 is intense

Sharon Chicago Med
S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin will be featured on the new episode of Chicago Med. Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr./NBC

The next new episode of Chicago Med is going to be an intense one – at least that is how the TV promo has laid things out for fans.

Ahead of Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 13 debuting, NBC put out a TV advertisement that already has fans buzzing. Is actress S. Epatha Merkerson leaving Chicago Med? Is the character of Sharon Goodwin going to jail? Those are just a few of the burning questions.

On the last episode of the One Chicago drama, we saw Dr. Choi and Dr. Archer head out to save a man who was injured during a home renovation project. We also watched as Dr. Halstead revealed to Dr. Sabeena Virani (played by actress Tehmina Sunny) that he had unblinded a patient in the trial. She was not pleased.

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Probably the most dramatic moment of the episode, though, came after Natalie learned that her mother needed a heart procedure and that it was also too late to get her into Will’s trial. She then stole some of the medication being used in his trial and had her mother take it.

It’s unclear if we are going to see immediate consequences for what Natalie has done, or if the show will circle back to the fileable actions that April Sexton took in the previous episode.

And what about when Will said that he might leave the ED to work on just studies? There are a lot of plot points that still have to be resolved before the big Chicago Med season finale this May.

Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 13 synopsis

The next new episode of Chicago Med airs on Wednesday, May 5 and this will serve as Season 6, Episode 13 of the current season. It is called What a Tangled Web We Weave and the full synopsis is shared below.

“An auto accident sends Goodwin into a spiral as she tries to help a young boy and his mother; Manning’s secretive behavior begins to draw the attention of Marcel and Halstead.”

Chicago Med TV promo for Season 6, Episode 13

Below is the full TV promo for the Chicago Med episode called What a Tangled Web We Weave. It certainly sets a dramatic tone for what’s to come on the show, especially since it leaves viewers with a lot of questions about what might happen next.

Chicago Med 6x13 Promo "What A Tangled Web We Weave" (HD)

May is packed with new episodes of Chicago Med, so make sure to tune in each Wednesday night to see some new content. With so many concurrent storylines, it definitely looks like we are building toward another notable Med season finale.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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