Chicago Fire TV schedule: A look at final new Season 9 episodes

Firehouse 51 Chicago Fire
The Chicago Fire cast is in action all through May with new episodes. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

The Chicago Fire TV schedule still has a few new episodes left to air in Season 9. There is likely to be a lot of drama as the final four episodes of the season play out, and even the showrunner has dropped some hints about what’s to come.

This is going to be a shorter season than usual for Chicago Fire, which is a direct result of production delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. But at least Chicago Fire Season 9 will still be presenting new content until the end of May.

The additional great news is that Chicago Fire Season 10 has already been ordered, so the show is coming back in the fall with more new episodes. NBC decided that it wanted to lock down the three Chicago-based shows for a while, so fans don’t have to worry about renewals or cancellations in that regard.

The bad news, though, is that we are now in the month of May, so the current season is going to come to an end this month. At least we have a full slate of new episodes to look forward to, with no repeats taking place on Wednesday nights at NBC.

The Chicago Fire TV schedule at NBC

There are four new episodes of Chicago Fire Season 9 left to air on TV. Below is the tentative schedule of those episodes, along with the episode titles.

  • May 5: Season 9, Episode 13 called Don’t Hang Up
  • May 12: Season 9, Episode 14 called What Comes Next
  • May 19: Season 9, Episode 15 (title TBA)
  • May 26: Season 9, Episode 16 (Chicago Fire season finale)

The next new episode of Chicago Fire

NBC is already airing a promo for the new episode of Chicago Fire that will debut on May 5. This one is called Don’t Hang Up and the title is taken straight from the plot, as firefighter Stella Kidd is going to try to save some kids who call into the station for help.

It was on the last episode of Chicago Fire that we learned some great news about firefighter Matthew Casey. The injury that he sustained while on the job wasn’t as bad as he had feared. When he went to see a specialist (Sylvie Brett went with him), the doctor told him that he was likely having symptoms from a concussion and a shoulder injury. The prognosis was that he should be able to get back to work soon and that the health scare would pass.

The door is now open for some Brett and Casey chemistry as the rest of the season plays out, especially after that last conversation that Brett had with Grainger. He wasn’t pleased that Brett was still spending so much time with Casey.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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Claudiane Soares de Oliveira
Claudiane Soares de Oliveira
2 years ago

Chicago fire

Claudiane Soares de Oliveira
Claudiane Soares de Oliveira
2 years ago

Gabriela Dawson volta para Chicago fire e tá uma grande notícia que está grávida de capitão Matthew Casey