Chicago Fire spoilers: Showrunner hints at big show moment

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Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide and Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd have been a great couple on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire spoilers about the end of Season 9 keep getting hinted at by showrunner Derek Haas. It’s both a treat and a tease by the man behind the scenes, but it’s always exciting to hear about what the show might deal with next.

Before this latest batch of information came out, there were some hints about what was coming up on Chicago Fire. It included a mention of firefighter Kelly Severide donning his scuba gear for an important call that Firehouse 51 receives.

We also learned that there is finally going to be some resolution in Stella Kidd trying to get promoted.

“Yes, that is a major storyline that will resolve this season,” Haas said about Kidd trying to become a Lieutenant. “The 24 hours before her exam are quite… stressful.”

And now, we have learned a few more details about what is going to happen during the final few remaining episodes of Chicago Fire Season 9.

Some small Chicago Fire spoilers

A question was asked of Derek Haas about whether we are going to see that cabin that Severide mentioned back on Season 9, Episode 7 of the show.

“We haven’t been to the cabin in a while, have we? Hmmm,” Haas teased.

Later, Haas was asked if fans are going to get an episode that is focused on Stellaride (Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide).

 “Aren’t they all?” Haas reportedly joked about the question, according to TVLine. “We’ll see a major Stellaride event right near the end of the season.”

That hint about a major event certainly is a tease, as it could mean almost anything. Will it be that Kidd passes her exam and gets promoted out of Firehouse 51? Is Severide going to propose? Will one of them get injured during another Chicago Fire season finale cliffhanger? We may just have to tune in to find out for sure.

It’s safe to guess that some changes to the dynamics of their relationship are coming if Kidd does become a lieutenant.

More news about Chicago Fire

On the last episode of Chicago Fire, viewers learned that firefighter Matthew Casey is not leaving his job. The character received some really good news about his injury, and we also saw what might turn out to be a big step in the relationship between Casey and Sylvie Brett. That could be huge. Double wedding anyone? Just kidding.

The show is taking a week off before returning with a new episode on Wednesday, May 5. From there, it’s a march toward the Chicago Fire Season 9 finale. Then, Chicago Fire Season 10 will debut in the fall of 2021 on NBC.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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